2023 predictions: Impact on Aries ascendant /moon-sign

Love and Marriage:

Year 2023 is in general good for marriage and relationships. Saturn is in 11th house of wish-fulfilment, and you may get proposal from a matured person or an old friend in 2023. Jupiter in 1st house after April will strengthen the love bond between existing couples and in case you are single, you might get numerous marriage proposals too. However, be selective and alert while committing to any person as Rahu in 1st house might results in fights and quarrels. There is abundance of energy at your disposal (Jupiter and Rahu in Lagna) and you may travel with your partner in order to dispose off the energy.


The career graph will be very good in 2023.The month of April will give you numerous opportunities to start new business or get a good job opportunity. In case you are preparing for some competitive exam, you should adopt a punctual schedule. With key planets in lagna and 11th house of gains, you will get ample opportunities for career growth in form of promotions and entrepreneurship.


You will experience a good period related to finances especially when Jupiter leaves 12th house in April. Jupiter in Aries will give expenses but along with numerous opportunities and good fortune. Saturn will increase income avenues and the cashflow will be good owing to its placement in 11th house of gains. Its good time to invest in property but be cautious with stock markets.

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