21st December 2020 – Jupiter-Saturn Planetary War

3 min readDec 17, 2020

Jupiter is a Jeeva planet. On the other hand, Saturn is giver of death

On 21st December, Jupiter and Saturn, the heaviest planets in cosmos will be in exact conjunction of 6 degree. When two planets are at same degrees, it leads to planetary war between the two planets. According to matsya purana, when a planetary war happens within 7 days of an eclipse, it can lead to great havocs. The eclipse took place on 14th December, 2020 in the star of Jyeshta with the star lord mercury residing in the sign of Scorpio only. Though the eclipse was not visible in India, but its overall effects on the world can’t be ruled out.

Here, we should also note that Jupiter is a Jeeva planet. On the other hand, Saturn is giver of death as it is the karaka for the natural 8th and 12th house of the zodiac. As these two energies will be quite near, this might lead to conflict.

So, what will be the results of this conjunction?

First of all, results will get stretched over 2–3 months as Saturn and Jupiter are two giants and they will be in same nakshatra (uttarashada) & nakshatra pada too.

The effect of the planetary war will be:

1.There might be natural calamities such as earthquake and extreme cold waves. The temperature might fall down highly in many states of India.

2.Coronavirus may spike or new type of infections might develop among people. Currently, many vaccinees are being launched to combat the virus. However, they might not give adequate results as Jupiter is in real stress. The strength of Jupiter is essential for successful treatment of this virus. Vaccinees will give results but they might temporary and un-sustainable.

3.The conflict between countries all over the globe may aggravate. Especially there might be some major clashes (both at physical and mental level) between India and China or India and Pakistan. There is a need to tackle the current situation in a strategic manner. Also, at global level, the Armenia war may take ugly turn.

4. Political uncertainty and distress due to political reasons in various parts of India cannot be ruled out. There might be serious governance issues in some states. The situation may worsen in coming months and presidential rule can become talk of town.

5. Saturn is the planet of masses i.e.; the working class and Jupiter is the planet governing rules and law. There might be revolts and mass protests against law. The ongoing protest against farmers law can also accelerate and new issues might sprout up.

5. As Jupiter is not comfortably placed, problems to children, general welfare, prosperity and health will be there. However, your natal chart will also clue on the upcoming events in your life.

6. Stress in stock-markets all over the globe can be seen. Jupiter is the karaka for prosperity and it is currently debilitated. The current planetary war with Saturn will make its significations suffer and thus, stock markets might become quite volatile.

7. Conflicts and clashes between religions can also be prevalent during this time. This might also be related to legal battles for the centers of worship as Jupiter rules both religious beliefs and law.

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