22nd February 2021 – MARS JOIN RAHU IN TAURUS

Mars is going to enter the sign of taurus on 22nd Feb in 2021. As Rahu is already transiting through Taurus, this unusual combination can bring unusual circumstances and violent encounters at core. Mars is the vitality and power with which we work. Rahu is the unrestricted outlet which expands in the house it sits. This makes this conjunction too powerful as we will be able to witness our inner passionate self. This will be the time to take action on our finances and belief system. Rahu helps us to tear apart the shackles of convention set by the society and think out of the box.

It may make you feel quite aggressive and stubborn at times which can favorable in action-oriented professions. However, as taurus is 2nd house of kalpurush Kundli and also responsible for speech, you need to keep a check that your words might not hurt anyone. Particularly the time period from 24th march to 28th march can be enigmatic due to close conjunction of mars with Rahu and abundant energy at disposal.

This transit is happening in lagna of India chart. It shows the aggressive behavior of citizens and exchange of harsh words in the community. As mars is the 12th lord, India will put a lot of effort in foreign relations and will surely excel in the same. However, the people of country will feel dis-satisfied due to rise in inflation and other on-going matters. Election states can witness blood-shed due to extreme ideologies of the parties. Agitations and movements against the ruling party will continue and foreign elements will also play role in instigating violence.

Nakshatra based transits

1.Krittika – 16 February to 11th March

2.Rohini – 11th March to 02nd April

3.Mrigashira – 02nd April to 24th April

Let’s see how this transit will impact the individual ascendant/moon-signs.

ARIES – Keep a check on your speech and relationship with family members.

TAURUS – Your anger might deteriorate the relationship with your spouse.

GEMINI – Take good care of health. Unwanted expenditures may crop up.

CANCER – Good overall results in form of good relation with brothers and gains is indicated.

LEO – Keep your temperament in check at workplace. You will be action-oriented at profession.

VIRGO – Your opponents can create obstacles in your path. Beware of health issues and fatigue.

LIBRA- Take care of your health as infectious diseases may hamper you.

SCORPIO – This time can give rise to hot arguments with spouse and business partners.

SAGITTARIUS – Good time for defeating the enemies but be wary of health issues.

CAPRICORN – Speculation can bring losses.

AQUARIUS – Don’t get into big deal as financial losses are on cards.

PISCES – This period will give good results financially. Also, your creative ideas can take the shape of business venture.

Worship of Lord Bhairava will bring peace and prosperity during this transit.

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