4th December 2021: Solar Eclipse- Date and time and Effects on 12 Zodiac

In Vedic astrology, solar eclipse has been associated with shadowy ‘planets’ such as Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu are important lunar nodes. They are massless, yet potent mathematical points in space, and hence are called shadow planets. They are always opposite each other in the sky or birth chart, and the main force of karma and desire can be seen along its axis.

The upcoming solar eclipse on 4th december 2021 is going to take place in sign of Scorpio with Sun, Mercury, moon and Ketu in this sign. Scorpio is one of the most secretive and transformative sign of cosmos. The solar eclipse in this sign may bring a lot of changes at global level. With the past lunar eclipse, world has seen rising Covid-19 cases with new variants all over the world. This solar eclipse is happening in the 8th house of long term diseases with Ketu placed in it. And with no doubt, diseases in all the forms can persist and pose challenges to the mankind. The western countries like USA, Canada, South America and UK will be more affected and face dire consequences of this eclipse. There can be issues related to bankruptcy and financial defaults which can shake the world. In India, western states such as Gujarat and Maharashtra will be most affected with this solar eclipse.

  1. Melbourne (Australia)

Eclipse Start — 07:54 PM
Eclipse would end with Sunset — 08:92 PM

Sutak Begins — 03:32 AM
Sutak Ends — 08:29 PM

Eclipse would start from Sunrise — 05:43 AM
Eclipse End Time — 06:21 AM

Sutak Begins — 06:44 PM, Dec 03
Sutak Ends — 06:21 AM

Eclipse Start Time — 07:46 AM
Eclipse End Time — 08:15 AM

Sutak Begins — 07:36 PM, Dec 03
Sutak Ends — 08:17 AM

Eclipse Start Time — 07:43 AM
Eclipse End Time — 08:59 AM

Sutak Begins — 07:46 PM, Dec 03
Sutak Ends — 08:59 AM

Eclipse Start Time —03:31 AM
Eclipse End Time — 05:09 am

6. Queenstown, New Zealand

Eclipse Start Time — 09:14 pm
Eclipse End Time09:18 pm

7. Macquarie Island

Eclipse Start Time — 07:04 pm
Eclipse End Time08:34 pm

Eclipse Start Time — 07:58 PM
Eclipse would end with Sunset — 08:07 PM

Sutak Begins — 03:20 AM

Sutak Ends — 08:08 PM

9. India

Not Visible. No Sutak And Other spiritual activities to be considered.


The eclipse is taking place in 8th house of in-laws, joint assets with spouse and transformation.There can be some rifts with the extended family due to gaps in communication and different mind-set. Don’t go for harsh words and frustrated mind-set rather utilize the eclipse energy for inner transformation. Start a meditation regime or mantra chanting for giving relief to mind.Mental restlessness can become common after the eclipse but it can be managed with a community chanting programme or self-assessment.Jupiter in 11th and Saturn in 10th are giving required strength in professional arenas however domestic realms might be challenging!


The 7th house of relationships and bonding with the world is getting affected badly with the cluster of planets in Scorpio there.A serious dent in your personal relationships which can put you into long isolation can be seen.Your heart and mind might go for a free ride and the eco f the break in relationships will really hurt you. This can be a transformative experience as you might focus on self –love and appreciation rather than pleasing others. A very good time to contemplate and leave behind the baggage of past relationships in life and walk a new path in your life which is full of bliss and prosperity.


The 6th house of diseases, enemies and loans is getting into focus. Any hidden disease might surface out and you may need immediate surgery for the same. Keep yourself hydrated and charged with nutrients for strong immune system as eclipsed sun might create few hurdles. You will do well professionally during this time as Jupiter is transiting your 9th house. However, few delays can be expected due to nakshatra lord of eclipse, Saturn placed in 8th house.


The 5th house of progeny, education and past bliss is getting activated. Couples who were planning for kids might have to undergo some surgical process or medical procedure for welcoming child.If you are living with your extended family,then some disputes might. crop up due to co-owned assets. You should communicate well with your love partners and spouse to solve any mutual issues .Contemplate on spending time together to solve any compatibility issues. Honour. your ancestors to attract the past bliss and prosperity in this birth.


Your inner happiness and emotional stability might become a serious concern with the nodes engripping your 4th house. Your mother’s health might suffer. or their might be some upcoming tension in home environment. There are high chances that you have to go far away from your home too or you might separate from your mom emotionally.The eclipse is an initial sign of building up of inner tension which can further lead to frustrations and anxiety later.


The 3rd house of entrepreneurship and self-efforts are getting afflicted with the energy of eclipse. Be cautious as this eclipse can be start of any long term disease ,the 3rd house being 8th from 8th.Your relation with the younger siblings need to undergo a transformation with better communication and ethics.The 6th house Jupiter wants you to focus on your bank pass book as you might go overboard and require more funds for the survival.Beware of any disputes in family or with loved ones as you might face clear opposition in upcoming days.


The sign of relationships might face some challenges on family front .Ketu will make your foundations shake and you can expect a big split in your near relationships. Contemplate on what has gone wrong in past few months and whether your actions (Saturn in 4th house) are justified or not. You will surely see light at the other end with serious analysis.


A very complex situation for scorpio natives as the cluster of planets is partying at its lagna only. This period might make you confused and haywire as the source of energy Sun is getting eclipsed here.Ketu, the main culprit will act as a mood spoiler and might seriously affect your ability to take decisions in life.


The eclipse puts the focus on the 12th house of spirituality, hospitals, losses, foreign lands etc.This period might separate you from the outer world. You will be moving in the crowd but don’t recognize yourself as the part of crowd. Your emotional and mental split from the outer world will give you time to focus on deep realms of meditation and spirituality. You may dig deeper to find inner solace and peace. However,the journey will not be easy as your dis-interest in materialistic world will bring losses in profession.


Your love bond with your spouse might get strangled with Ketu eclipsing sun in this house. Your friend circle will shrink and you will face challenges in society. However proper communication will aid you to solve any issues. The Capricorn natives might face some challenges with finances too. They might also feel under the captivity with not able to express their feelings freely.


The eclipse is overall not so bad for aquarius natives.Jupiter in 1st house is providing much required strength to Aquarius natives.The only concern is lagna lord in 12th house but as Saturn is transiting towards the lagna only , the concern is only timely.Its a fantastic time for new business opportunities as sun, ketu and mercury are favourable in these houses. You might face some initial setbacks but definitely you will see light as the time passes after eclipse.


The Pisces natives might face some obstructions in luck and might feel that they need to put extra efforts in anything that comes in their way.The blessings of ancestors can aid them in getting rid of all struggles in life. Feeding black dogs can also go a long way in getting rid of any delays and misfortunes. Your partner might also feel blocked in his personal arena.Any type of new entrepreneurial. venture should not be initiated during this time.



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