5th June 2020 — LUNAR ECLIPSE

2 min readJun 4, 2020


Eclipses hold a crucial place in our religion and astrology. We are experiencing a penumbral Lunar eclipse on June 5. You may wonder what is penumbral lunar eclipse.

There are 3 types of lunar eclipse-full, partial and penumbral. Penumbral eclipse is observed when earth comes in between sun and moon. A penumbral lunar eclipse happens when the Sun, Earth, and the Moon are imperfectly aligned. The Earth blocks some of the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon with the outer part of its shadow called the penumbra. In reality, the penumbra is much fainter than the actual core of the Earth’s shadow. Therefore, it is hard to distinguish and so a penumbral eclipse looks almost like a normal Full Moon and it is also called strawberry eclipse. The penumbral eclipse is not effective as full or partial lunar eclipse.

No sutak Period is observed during the penumbral eclipse. However according to our Hindu traditions and beliefs, pregnant women and children should avoid going out. You should not eat or pray during this eclipse.

Astrological reference-

During this eclipse, moon will be debilitated in Scorpio in opposition to sun and retrograde Venus. Take care of your relationships as Venus is retrograde in the sky and opposition to debilitated moon. Don’t take any hasty decisions in life due to unsettled mind. As moon is debilitated in Jyeshta nakshatra, it will impact many world leaders too particularly Donald trump. He has his natal moon too in Jyeshta nakshatra and this can be a trigger for impulsive decisions. The current American president may try to reinstate America as a super power which will lead to catastrophic effects. He may also lose his cool which will impact the relations with china.

Eclipse begins- June 5 ,11:15 pm

Maximum eclipse- June 6,12:54 am

Penumbral eclipse ends- June 6, 2:34 am

Who can see: Asia, Australia, Europe or Africa




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