India is celebrating its 74th Independence Day this year. The advent of COVID -19 has changed the dynamics of world. Let’s have a look at the birth chart of India for future opportunities and challenges.

In India’s foundation chart, Rahu in Lagan and Ketu in 7th gives disputes with neighbouring countries. It also symbolises that western culture will prevail over the nation and Indian culture will face lot of degradation. India is currently going through moon dasha which will continue till 2025. Moon is located in 3rd house of chart with ascendant lord and 3 other planets. No doubt moon is placed in own house but still it is not able to deliver promising results due to conjunction with natural malefics.


The current Jupiter’s transit from 8th house of chart is not favourable for finances. Even, Saturn -Jupiter conjunction in 9th house of chart will give financial troubles as Jupiter will be debilitated in the chart. The relaxation from financial issues will come only when Jupiter will be out of affliction and transits through 10th house Aquarius in 2021.


Rahu and Ketu are currently transiting through Gemini Sagittarius axis. On September 23,2020, it will shift to Taurus- Scorpio axis. It will act as natal return of Rahu and Ketu in India’s chart. During this time, India will experience religious clashes leading to violence. This Taurus and Scorpio axis has always resulted in upheavals due to domestic unrest by two or 3 religions. At the time of Independence only, massive violent clashes took place between Hindus and Muslims after partition. However, under the strong leadership of Narendra Modi, India may find stabilisation in middle of deep economic crisis in world and worsening of US -china ties. The relations with the neighbouring countries need to be dealt diplomatically.


The transit of yoga karaka Saturn through Capricorn will give mileage to transformations and policy changes in India. NEP 2020, abolition of article 370 are some major steps towards it. You can expect more bold decisions from govt. such as population control, uniform civil code, changes in financial & banking system etc. Entrepreneurship and business community will become powerful with rising revenues and dominance on global stage. No doubt, this will result in some internal unrest but it will pave the way for a strong foundation for a new India. Saturn in Capricorn in 9th house particularly with Jupiter will bring all the changes to the core. The fruit of these changes will be experienced strongly in later years with a very powerful economy.

In all the upcoming decade will be a defining moment which can take India to new heights. No doubts, we have some real struggles in our journey to make India great again. But strong leadership will help India to withstand all storms and dominate on global stage.

On the occasion of 74th Independence Day, we pray to God for peace, happiness and prosperity for all Indians.

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