Ganesha Chaturthi is birthday of Lord Ganesha, the eldest son of. Shiva and Parvati celebrated on fourth day of month of Bhadrapada.Lord Ganesha is popularly known as Vighanharta i.e. one who helps overcome obstacles in the life. In astrology, Planet Ketu is always associated with Lord Ganesha.Well, the association has a deep associated meaning to it.Ketu is a planet which tears apart, creates obstacles in the path.Ganesha creates obstructions in the path of the evil minded people who are enemies of God. Being Son of Shiva, he performs his responsibility to uphold dharma and ensure regularity of all worlds.


Vishwaghasra Paksha will take place from September 8 to September 20, 2021, as determined after the meticulous observation of the dates of Vikram Samvat 2078. Holy Scriptures describe the effect of this lunation as terrible, harmful, and inauspicious. The short period is called a ‘Vishwaghasra Paksha’of the lunar month and, it indicates terrible events & manslaughter! One such occurrence was in Kartik month of 1941, resulting in a tremendous human loss in Second World War. Generally, after mathematical calculation of sun and moon, Krishna Paksha or Shukla Paksha (lunar fortnight) in the Indian calendar gets 14, 15, or 16 days…

सावधान .! 13 दिनों (त्रयोदश ) का विश्वघस्र पक्ष

तिथियों के गणना के आधार पर विक्रम संवत 2078. में भाद्रपद का शुक्ल पक्ष ( 8 सितंबर से 20 सितंबर 2021) 15 दिन के स्थान पर सिर्फ 13 दिन का ही होगा। शुक्ल पक्ष के 13 दिन का होने के कारण शास्त्रों में इसे अशुभ व अनिष्टकारी फल देने वाला बताया गया है। सामान्य रूप से ज्योतिष में सूर्य तथा चंद्र की गति की गणना करने के बाद. प्रत्येक वर्ष में शुक्ल पक्ष के 14 ,15 या फिर 16 दिन बताए जाते हैं। किसी पक्ष में दिनों की संख्या अलग होने…

A perfect time to be romantic, fair –minded and communicative. Harmony in the relationships in the keyword but tries to maintain a balance. Party animals should spend within their means otherwise you might run out of budget.

Jupiter will be aspecting venus in Libra with its 9th aspect from Aquarius.Though,a harmonious aspect but weakness of Jupiter will not bring any good results .

The warrior is all set to enter the sign of Virgo, the natural 6th houses of diseases and competition. …

The planet of luck and prosperity is all set to enter (retrograde back) its debilitated sign of Capricorn on September 14.This transit of Jupiter is critical as it will be fallen in Virgo navamsha in the sign of Capricorn. This showcases how the deep routed troubles in business and finances will come to the surface as Jupiter, the divine planet will feel suffocated here. The planet Jupiter gets debilitated in the earthy sign of Capricorn, therefore it never feels comfortable in the Taurus- Virgo- Capricorn trine. With Jupiter retrograding back here and making conjunctions with Saturn, world may witness surge…

Since time immemorial, our elders have been using sacred mantras and hymns before starting their journey. Is it superstition? Do you think it is orthodox, fogey and bourgeois? Well, it is not. Now the science has proved that hymns and mantras have energy that affects us. In olden times when there were not many means of travelling, and usually, a journey took months, and it was not without dangers, people often prayed for safe travels.

What if a sacred mantra can help you overcome your fears and anxiety during travelling? We would say it is astonishing. There is a sacred…

Saturn is one planet in horoscope that can cause deep troubles in your life. Thanks to ancient Vedic remedies to dampen the malefic effects of Saturn, one can live life happily. One of the best remedies is Saturn Fasting. First Saturday after New Moon in holy shravan month is the day to start Saturn Fasting and to be observed for next 16 Saturdays without any break.

In the year 2021, Saturn Fasting will begin from August 14 and will end on November 27, 2021.

August 14

August 21

August 28

September 4

September 11

September 18

September 25

October 2

Nagas means Serpents or snake Gods and Panchmi refers to 5th lunar day according to Pachanga. Nag Panchmi is celebrated on 5th lunar day as the panchmi Tithi is itself dedicated to snake Gods. Well, we might have read or heard about worshipping snakes but how many of us know that what are the historical and astrological references.

So, let’s start and learn about esoteric secrets of Nagas. According to the mythology, Nagas were born to Sage Kashyapa and her wife Kadru.Sage kashyapa has many wives and each one of them gave birth to different life forms. Aditi, one of…

Devi asked this question to Shiva. Shiva replied : O Devi! Out of my five faces, the middle one is Shyamala Ishaana and the one upward is Kalaagni-rupa. When I drank the halaahala after samudra- manthana, that poison stays always at my throat and that always provides burning sensation to my face. Whatever is offered on my face becomes not consumable by others, because those things become brahmamaya, and so one who consumes these becomes fallen.

Whatever is offered to me should be just touched by head. That has to be offered to Vishnu by Vishnu-mantra and only then it…

Om Namah Shivay! Magnificent and amazing mantra for various benefits like mental peace, physical well being, nurturing of soul, emotional balance, and so on. This mantra has immense and unlimited benefits.

Benefits of meditation are limitless. It is beneficial to the mind, our physical body, it gives cosmic benefits, makes us spiritually aware, and so on. Meditation is a medium to filter and improve your thoughts and thought process. Various research has found that regular meditation not only gives your better physical and mental health but it also makes you more energetic, productive and overall happy.

What if we combine…

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