This year solar eclipse in Taurus is a celestial event that will lead you to contentment. This year we experienced a lunar eclipse on May 26, and now we will witness a Solar eclipse on June 10. This astonishing celestial event is an annular eclipse that looks like ‘the ring of fire’. Due to the shadow of the moon, only the circumference of the sun is visible from the path of the eclipse on earth, which looks like a ‘ring of fire’, or ‘diamond ring’.

A solar eclipse is an event you can call a new beginning where you have…

For prevention of All diseases/physical suffering

‘Shri mahamrityunjay mantra’ (Mritsanjeevni Mantra)

‘Om haum joon sah, Om bhurbhuwah swah. Om trayambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam. Urvarukmiv bandhnat mrityormukshiya mamratat. Swah bhuwah bhooh Om. Sah joon haum Om.’

Meaning: We pray to Supreme father trayambakam (God Shiva). He is the one who gives ultimate bliss and strength. Like watermelon etc fruits (when fully ripe itself) gets off the vine, similarly (after enjoying full life) from this mortal life I shall (without suffering) get off, but shall not leave life like nectar.

Short method:

This is summarised mantra. Shivalinga denotes Omkar, if one looks at it like uninterrupted and incessant…

Since on June 1, Rahu has come in Rohini (2) and Ketu in Anuradha (4), Mustard, Soybean, Oil, Mustard seed, Chilli, and cotton may have been expensive.

On June 2, Mars has come in its debilitated sign (Cancer) and formed Samsaptak Yoga (opposition) with Saturn. On the same day, retrograde Mercury came in the Taurus and formed a union with Sun and Rahu, and have set in the west. Price rise especially in Wheat, Oat/Barley, Chickpea, Rice, Peas, Cotton, Yarn, Sesame, Oil, Jaggery, Linseed, Crude, Copper and generally in other grocery items.

On June 3, Venus came in Ardra, and…


(a) Consider the houses 2, 7 and 11 for marriage (2nd-addition to the family; 7th-wife or husband, legal tie. It is the main house for marriage; 11 th-permanent tie of friendship). (b) Consider the houses 1, 6 and 10 for separation or divorce {being 12th from 2, 7 and 11 respectively). These houses denote absence of married life. Venus is the chief governor of marriage.


(a) Consider the houses 2, 5 and 11 for child birth (2nd-increase in the number of the numbers of family due to birth of a child; 5th. first conception or pregnancy, progeny or child; 11th…


I. Consider the houses 1, 8 and 3 for longevity.

2 (a) Maraka houses. The 12th to any particular house denotes non-existence of the matter signified by that particular house. So the houses 12 (12th to I), 7 (12th to 8 and 2 (12th to 3) are known as the Maraka (death dealing) houses.

(b) Badhaka houses. The house 11 is hadhaka (harmful to life) to those born in Movable signs as their Ascendants; the 9th for those born in Fixed signs and the 7th for those born in Common signs.

3. Death : The Badhaka houses are more…

The sign of the Zodiac the Sun is in at the time of a person’s birth is his or her Sun sign (sometimes also called the birth sign). The Sun, as the most important celestial body for Earth-dwellers, is the most important influence in a horoscope (an astrological chart). Consequently, the sign that the Sun is in at birth will usually be the single most important influence on an individual’s personality. Thus when people say that they are a certain sign, they are almost always referring to their Sun sign.

Sun-sign astrology, which is the kind of astrology one finds…

Which Faced Rudraksh Gives what benefit

1 Faced – Sun – Health, success, reputation, self-confidence, spirituality, happiness, sudden financial gains, development of personality, victory over enemies, good for rulers, administrators, kings and immense power.

2 Faced – Moon – Marital happiness, mental peace, contentment, good luck, concentration of mind, spiritual progress, and harmony in the family, business, and good for females.

3 Faced – Mars – Victory over enemies, removal of blood related diseases.

4 Faced – Mercury – Education, knowledge, intelligence, spiritual and discrimination, concentration, expression, communication skills.

5 Faced – Jupiter – Physical, Mental and spiritual strength, mental peace and happiness.

6 Faced –…

Why do Planets Retrograde? Should we be afraid of them?

Often, people are curious about the retrograde motion of planets. They become afraid, but every retrograde do not affect natives badly. To understand it, let us first understand what is retrograde?

Typically planets shift eastwardly, but when this course of action reverses, they move back towards the west, this is called retrograde of planet.

Reason for retrogression

When planets circle the Sun faster than the Earth, then they swing around and move backwards for some times, before assuming their natural course. It is retrogression that makes a planet unusual. However, Sun and Moon never retrograde.

Frequency of Retrogression

Mercury retrogrades three times a year, whereas Saturn…

It happens to everyone else and it happened to me because I am also a human. The fact that I am more inclined towards spirituality helped me a lot but it didn’t diminish the fact that I also come face to face with hurdles in life. I also stop dead in tracks. I know that the hurdles are unstoppable and unavoidable but they put a full stop to your growth only when you allow them to do so.

From my personal experience, I tell you that problems never stop us; they are the guidelines for a bright future. …

1)26 May 2021, Lunar Eclipse Time For Australia :

Melbourne: 07:45 To 10:51 PM

Perth : 05:45–08:51 PM

Sydney : 07:45 To 10:51 PM

Adelaide: 07:15 To 10:21 PM

Canberra : 07:45 To 10:51 PM

2) 26 May 2021, Lunar Eclipse Time For New Zealand :

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton : 09:45 PM (26/5) -12:51 AM (27/5)

3) 26 May 2021, Lunar Eclipse Time For Indonesia :

Jakarta : 05:44–07:51 PM

Surabaya : 05:18- 07:51 Pm

Medan : 06:33–07:51 Pm

Bandung : 05:40–07:51 Pm

4) 26 May 2021, Lunar Eclipse Time For Japan :

Tokyo, Yokohama : 06:45–09:51 PM


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