Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated on third Tithi of Shukla paksha of Vaisakha month. It is one of most auspicious days as all activities undertaken on this day bears positive fruits. This sacred festival carries good luck and success in terms of new schemes, weddings, big business investments, buying gold ornaments, silver & other metal utensils and other important tasks.

The word “Akshaya” means “everlasting prosperity, success and joy” while tritya means “third”. It is named after third day of spring month of Vaisakha. There are many mythological stories behind the celebration of Akshaya Tritiya. According to a mythology, kubera became custodian of wealth by praying to lord Shiva on this day.Some believe that Goddess Annapurna was born on this day.It is also referred to as birthday of Parashurama. who is sixth incarnation of Vishnu. Some people believe that Yudhisthira, the eldest Pandu received the Akshaya patra I.e. vessel holding never ending supply of food-grains on this day.On the other hand, many believe that Lord Krishna met his dear friend Sudama on this day after becoming king and bestowed him with enormous riches. All these ancient stories and mythological references only proclaim that the day is highly auspicious for starting new ventures and giving donations.

Planetary conditions

Akshaya tritya is a special day when both luminaries are exalted in the cosmos. Due to powerful transit of sun and moon, this day is good for material success and spiritual sadhana. However, this year the planetary transits are not so good on this day. There is heavy affliction due to kaalsarpa yoga being active on the Tritiya tithi. Moreover, the biggest benefic planet Jupiter is debilitated and afflicted by the Saturn and mars in the earthy sign of Capricorn.Ketu is transiting through the nakshatra of Mula, ruled by Nritti goddess of destruction. Conjunction of mars and Saturn is enhancing the malefic energy in the skies and the effects will be seen on earth.

Akshaya Tritiya rituals

1.Chant Aditya Hrudayam strotam and offer Arghya to Sun God.You can also do Surya namaskar for getting blessings of Surya which is in exalted state on this day.

2.Offer fresh flowers to Goddess Lakshmi. Offering prayers to kubera and Goddess Lakshmi on this day is highly recommended for prosperity and success in finances.

3.This day is powerful to do charity and give donations to the needy. As the whole world is under lockdown, it is highly recommended to provide necessary food items to needy. This will multiply your prosperity .

4.The Goddess associated with tritya tithi is Gauri.Therefore this day is important for all the married women.Offering prayers to Shiv Gauri will ensure peace and harmony in relationships.You can also pray for your husband’s financial prosperity and success.

4.Spirtual enlightenment is important for soul evolution.Do meditation for cleansing your mind and soul.

5.Chanting the mantra of your Ishta Deva or guru mantra given by your guru.Mantra chanting is beneficial on such auspicious days.

6.Chant “OM NAMO BHAGVATE VASUDEVAY” to honour lord Krishna as moon is in exaltation at this time.

7.Chanting. the mahamantra “Hare Ram Hare Krishna” will apprehend good fortune to you.Lord Ram was born in lineage of Ishkavasus,formed by son of Sun God, therefore known as suryavanshi whereas Lord Krishna was born in lineage of moon, therefore known as chandravanshi.As sun and moon are related to avataras of Lord Vishnu and they are very powerful in cosmos,its best day to attain the blessings of Ram and Krishna both.

8.Read Shrimad Bhagavatam for gaining blessings and God’s help in life path.Sri Bhagavatam is the ultimate remedy for all sins as it shows right direction and urges us to do good karma.

9.If you want to start a new venture or new beginning,its best day for achieving success in it.

Akshay Tritiya In 2020

Akshay Tritiya Will Be Celebrated On Sunday, 26th April 2020.

In India, there is a tradition of buying gold on this auspicious day due to connection with Lord Kubera.Any investment on this day is believed to have multiplier effect.But we should not concentrate on material investments only rather doing yagya and mantra sadhna as spiritual investment is also important. As the world is going through grave danger of COVID-19,it is recommended to maintain silence and pray to Krishna for the welfare of humanity.

Note: Lockdown Rules Should be very Strictly Followed During This Festival.



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