Are We the Virus and Nature the Vaccine.

5 min readMay 27, 2020

The start of the Year 2020 was with the fire in the forest of Australia where 18,626 hectares was burnt. It all started in the month of January long before the start of the spring season and killed thousands of aquatic animals, including endangered species due to sludge and ash of fires in the river. There was the loss of habitat, reduction of population, destruction of nature, and injury or killing of several fire fighters.

Then the year witnessed and still is witnessing the series of earthquakes all over the world ranging from approximately 3 richter scales to 6 richter scales. The effects varied from mild loss of lives and property to the death toll increased to thousands and billions of damaged property resulting in economic loss.

The month of April 2020 was surrounded by the terror about the proximity of asteroid (52768) 1998 OR 2 that missed the Earth with a few million kilometres. Such a close approach was rare and it raised a potent question on the existence of our planet in case of a possible hit, which may occur in a few thousand years to come.

We, the people were coming out of terror but the super cyclonic storm Amphan, in May 2020, caused huge damage in the regions of East India and Bangladesh. Several were injured and many more died and there was considerable loss of property. Lots of people were evacuated from the dangerous spots and shifted to the areas of safety but apart from its impact on climate and atmosphere it had lead people into distress and other psychological disorders.

Then came the Locust Swarm, the worst attack of locust in 27 years. The group of Locust left behind it the trail of destruction of crops in at least five states. The areas left behind the locust attack were deprived of green vegetation, crops, pasture, and fodder. It directly affected the livelihood of farmers.

These were destruction affecting certain areas, state or country but what affected the whole planet is the viral pandemic corona, about which we are discovering new properties regularly, continent-wise, country-wise and climate-wise.

The pandemic has posed the worst economic crisis for the world as a whole. There are lockdowns, full or partial closure of companies, standstill of business, and lay-off of staff and labours.

The above list of crisis has made us dwell on the question, that is these crisis or virus the cause of destruction, or are they the vaccine to protect nature and save Earth from the human virus?

The question needs serious thinking because we have been destroying the only planet we can live on.

The unseen energies

The fact is that the human body is made up of energies that are not entirely covered by science. This energy flow in human bodies is defined as insight into our mind and body. The yogic energies are categorised as Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. These are the part of the unseen world which are mostly hidden from our sight. This is the world without the existence of Maya which scientists cannot prove.

The Sattva Guna

The world in which we live in is made up of gunas that define the quality of life. The Sattva guna is the awakening of spirituality and vitality in us and it is the existence of the purest energy, the Prana Energy. It is the supreme reality that provides the vision to see things beyond the view of physical eyes.

The Rajas Guna

The Rajas guna is responsible for passion, quality of energies, removal of darkness and ignorance from our lives so that we can come out of ignorance and have an illuminated path of passion and activity in front of us.

The Tamas Guna

The Tamas Guna is the reason behind inertia and laziness. People overpowered with this guna can easily be manipulated and if they don’t manage this guna properly then it becomes difficult for them to reach a higher level of consciousness.

Gunas existing in Yuga

As per our scripture, the three gunas represent the trident: Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha and are present in every individual and every object. They are responsible for the physical and psychological characteristic of every object of existence and imbalance in them starts the process of evolution affecting nature along with every other thing.

The base of the entire universe is the combination of two energies, Shiva and Shakti. The vibration coming out from these provide us the insight to see the unseen things. Maya is the reason that we are not able to visualise the unseen energies, it is our link that connects us with the world unknown and unseen with our physical eyes.

Nature is directly related to the gunas promoted by us. As stated by Newton everything is always the equal and opposite reaction, what we invest we get that in return. In Satyuga the Sattvic energy was dominant so people lived years and years without food and water. Then came the Treta Yuga where people lived for pleasure and enjoyment so the Rajas energies were spent in creation. The Dwapar Yuga was the combination of both the Sattvic and Rajas energies where feelings of people were the mixture of divinity and pleasure.

Now, in the present Kalyuga state we there is the presence of all the three forms of energies but Tamas energy will be the dominant one among them, which means that astrology and astrologers will be the guide towards spirituality but nature will also be at its fierce.

Natural Catastrophes

Nature is returning to us what we have given it. An increase in Tamas energy is responsible for the increase in the sin and construction of destructive weapons. The death toll has increased, nature is violent, and unpredictable and natural catastrophes are more frequent.

Another example of an increase in Tamas activity is the weakening of Earth’s magnetic field. The study based on lava flows of Basalt states that Earth’s magnetic field reverses itself at the average interval of approximately 3 lakhs years. Such reversal happened approximately 7.8 Lakhs years ago, known as Brunches-Matuyama reversal. The weakening process is responsible for the flip of one hemisphere to another. The North Pole will transform into South Pole and vice versa.

There is a spiritual reason behind the destruction caused by nature but we humans have the ability to change everything with our karmas. Even in the era of kalyuga we have the power to turn towards Sattvic energy, we are blessed with the knowledge of rajas energy which we can utilise in construction of something productive instead of causing harm to nature.

The serious matter of thought is that where are we going to live if we destroy the only planet we know have characteristics for the existence of life?




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