Astro Remedies: How much do they work?

Main thing to understand about Remedies is that one cannot eliminate the evil effects of the malefic planets. One can only reduce or minimize their effect to a certain extent. By doing Upaay of malefic planets in the horoscope it does not mean that one has fully eliminated its bad effect. What has to happen will happen but its intensity will reduce. For example – If accident has to take place, it will take place, but if upaye has already been done before the accident takes place then it won’t have that bad effect as it might have had without doing the upaye or Remedy of the malefic planet concerned at that period.

Another example is suppose its raining and we do not want to get wet we wear raincoat or carry umbrella. We cannot stop rain from coming but we can save ourselves from getting wet to a certain extant or we might complete our work before it is going to start raining or might go out to complete our work after it has stopped raining. Therefore this shows that we can reduce bad effects by doing certain remedies to a particular extant.

Secondly, it does not mean that if one has done Upaay of planets then one will get good results without making any efforts. For example – Ready food is kept in front of you and you think that it will go into your mouth by itself, than no it won’t. You will have to make an effort of putting it into your mouth and chewing it. Same way after doing certain Remedy of malefic planets one has to make certain efforts too to achieve good results. If a student thinks that if has done Upaay for getting good results so there is no need for him to study, then he is very much mistaken. Without making efforts he will not be able to reap good results of upaye.

One should perform an upaye with full respect, faith and belief. Without these there is no use of doing Upaay, as most of the remedies are based on vibrations, For example – Colour therapy, gem therapy, giving of particular dan, recitation of mantras, praying etc. Therefore if an Upaay is done with respect, good faith, and belief at right time and some efforts are done to achieve the good result of upaye then one will get it.



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