Astrological Events with date in April-May 2022

Planet position plays very important role in our life as per astrology. When one planet transits from one zodiac sign to another, it affects all zodiac signs. Some transits are major and important as per astrology. Each planet represents different characteristics and qualities and rules various parts of our lives. The answers to understanding these planetary motions and the changes they bring to your life can be found in Vedic astrology. When a planet enters a sign, it has an impact on your birth chart, which is made up of the planetary placements at the time of your birth. The interaction of these planets in your horoscope with the transiting planet can reveal a lot about your future!

Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Mars, and Saturn, these five planets, will align at dawn in the April sky, in the next two months. In addition to planet alignment, there will be other spectacular events, as the conjunction of Mars and Saturn and the passing of planets near to the earth. This is the year 2022’s very first celestial parade. A similar planet parade had occurred previously, in December 2021. A series of one-of-a-kind events will take place in the skies till May 20, 2022. Everything you need to know about Celestial Parade 2022 is right here.

Saturn Mars Conjunction (5th April): A frustrating aspect that can create obstacles between us and our social plans. The pair is close enough to fit in the telescope’s field of view but can also be seen with binoculars.

Venus Transit in Pisces (5th April): In Pisces, the planet of joy rises, offering four weeks of dreamlike compassion, hospitality, and tenderness. This is great for romance and relationships, but not for bank accounts.

Mercury Enters Taurus (10th April): When Mercury enters, it calms Taurus, after weeks of quick thoughts, things will begin to slow down. With the planet of communication in the Bull’s sign, common sense prevails as we deliberate over our words before speaking.

Neptune in Pisces conjunct Jupiter in Pisces (12th April): This unusual aspect provides a large dosage of tranquil, creative, and loving vibes to empathetic Pisces that will endure the entire week.

Ketu-Rahu transit (12th April): It’s time for the moon’s most feared nodes: Rahu and Ketu, after two conjunctions of Saturn with Mars and Venus. These are also known as shadow planets, because they are thought to bring many difficulties into a person’s life. These planets can also help humans if they are placed correctly.

Alignment (16th to 24th April): Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Mars, and Saturn, these five planets, will align at dawn in the April sky between 16th to 24th April.

Sun Enters Taurus (19th April): Finally having a moment of rest, we can enjoy the beginning of it. Taurus is energetic, productive, and reliable for the next four weeks, so the season begins at a relaxed pace.

Saturn Transit in Aquarius (29th April): Saturn takes about two and a half years to move from one zodiac to another. Last year, it was 2021, and there was no change in Saturn’s constellations. But this year, in 2022, Saturn will change its zodiac. On April 29, 2022, Saturn will leave Capricorn and begin its passage to Aquarius. When Saturn enters this zodiac sign, some people are released from Saturn’s wrath, but people in one zodiac are affected.

Mercury Transit in Gemini (29th April): People will be able to view the planetary conjunction of the two brightest planets, Jupiter and Venus, on this day. Although Venus and Jupiter are both benefic planets, depending on the house of your zodiac sign, this conjunction occurs in, it can bring good or bad things into your life.

Solar Eclipse in Taurus (30th April): While the energy of a solar eclipse might throw us off, this eclipse is in Taurus, which allows us to navigate through the transit with ease and determination. This is a great time to start creating major plans for the future

Jupiter Venus Conjunction (1st May): Mercury will be comfortable with Gemini, one of the two dominant signs, until the next retrograde. However, for now, the contact is quick

Jupiter Transit in Aries (10th May): We’re all taught to recognise our own personal strength and how much control we have over our own lives. When the planet of optimism and prosperity is in ultra-confident mode, it’s time to make our own luck.

Planets Realignment (12th May): The five planets will realign after the Jupiter-Venus conjunction, but in the following order: Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, and Saturn. On May 29, Jupiter and Mars will make another planetary conjunction.

Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio (15th May): A dramatic eclipse that can sap our emotions and leave us feeling distant. This full moon can help you let go of the past and move forward, especially when things change quickly.

Sun Transit in Gemini (20th May): Under the humorous and adaptable Gemini energy, the focus turns from work to play. It’s a great chance to see old friends, connect with new people, and learn new things.



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