Astrological Reasons and Remedies for Delayed Marriage

  • In the case of a postponed marriage, the seventh, eighth, and twelfth houses in the horoscope should be examined. The seventh house is the key house for marriage, and a strong seventh house signifies a happy marriage. The couple relationship is represented by the eighth house, while the sexual relationship is represented by the twelfth house. Marriage can be postponed if the seventh house ruler is weak or absent.
  • The presence of Mars in the eighth house of your horoscope may cause a marriage delay.
  • The presence of Ketu in the seventh house could be the cause of the marital delay.
  • Saturn’s position in the seventh house could be a big factor in the marital delay.
  • If you are Manglik, this could also be a factor in your marriage being delayed. It is observed that Manglik people get married in 29th, 27th, 33rd, 37th and 31st year of age.
  • When Mars approaches Rahu or When Mars and Rahu Saturn are in the same house (7th or 8th), marriage may be delayed.
  • If the seventh house is influenced in any manner by the eighth or twelfth houses, marriage may be postponed.
  • The presence of the 7th house ruler in the 6th or 8th house can cause marriage delays.



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