“Allopathy will only treat effect of disease and astrology will treat the root root cause of karma behind the disease.”

The science of astrology has deep connection with the diseases and also the remedies to cure the same. The medical astrology section has divided the body according to 12 astrology houses and diseases related to them. The planetary placement in your chart in particular sign and house decides the fate of your health and the diseases which can harm you in this life. Therefore, even the fittest of persons can’t escape the deadliest of diseases on this planet as the karma carried forward from past births has to be paid off. Good karmas in past births can help us live a healthy and prosperous life. On the other hand, over-indulgence in luxuries, lack of self-restraint and poor eating habits can lead to acute issues.

Every day, we get numerous charts of individuals who are going through tough period in life. Nowadays, even youngsters are consulting us for mental health issues. Afflicted moon in the chart can cause anxiety and depression problems. Besides this, the health issues such as cancer and tumours are getting very common nowadays. Though the changing lifestyle patterns and rising pollution is affecting but indicators for the same can be found in 8th house of chart. The body part involved can be found out through the afflicted zodiac sign and dasha can be used to time out the diseases. So, Vedic astrology can give us major clues about the affected body part, the criticality of the issue and timing of disease.

Now let’s see step by step how we can find diseases which impact us.

First let’s check out which zodiac sign rules over which body part. Affliction to the zodiac sign can tell us that the disease can be related to this part. For example- If your child is suffering from asthama, do check cancer sign in his chart. Individuals who are going through ailment of knees should definitely do a remedy for Capricorn sign as it is sure that wherever the Capricorn is placed, it will be afflicted. We have come across numerous charts and tried our level best to give remedies for healing the sensitive areas of your chart.

Aries – Head, Brain, Face

Taurus – Throat, Neck, Lips

Gemini- Lungs, Hands, Arms

Cancer – Stomach, Breasts, Chest, Ribs,

Leo – Heart, Sack, Spine, forearms.

Virgo – Intestines, Lower spine, Fingers, spleen

Libra – Kidneys, skin, Lumbar region

Scorpio – Bladder, Anus, Nose, Appendix

Sagittarius – Hips, Thighs, Nerves, Arteries

Capricorn – Knees, Joints, teeth, skin

Aquarius – Legs, Ankles, Circulation of Blood

Pisces – Feet, Toes, Lymphatic system

No, there are specific houses in the birth chart which are given the portfolio of diseases. Although, different houses have power to influence our overall life path, the 6th ,8th and 12th house are majorly responsible for injuries, hospital visits and chronic diseases. If anyone want to see how these houses play an important role in the chart, you just need to refer to Amitabh Bachchan’s horoscope. He has a stellium of planets in his eighth house namely Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury. He got a major injury near intestinal region during the dasha of Saturn-sun. The antardasha of sun proved to quite detrimental as sun is afflicted in 8th house of the chart. Sun is clear enemy of Lagna lord and its placement in Virgo sign gives a severe injury to the intestines. The 8th house of chart can give prolonged illness, severe accidents and death inflicting diseases.

The planets also are significator of diseases and they can influence us during their transit and Dasha. Let’s see how different planets are responsible for different diseases.

Jupiter- Afflicted Jupiter can become a reason for jaundice and diabetes in your chart. It can also lead to obesity and un-natural tumors.

Mercury- Afflicted mercury can give speech issues to children and neurological issues too. It is also related to skin disorders and allergies.

Venus- Afflicted Venus can give issues related to sexual organs. It can also lead to irregular menstruation and lack of physical appeal.

Saturn- Afflicted Saturn can become the reason for joint and bone pains. It can also give you aging issues.

Sun- Afflicted sun can lower your immunity and it can also give problems related to head. Sun also gives eyesight problems.

Moon- Moon can result in insomnia and emotional disorder. Sudden outbursts of anger and mental depression can be attributed to moon.

Mars-Mars can give surgeries, anaemia, leukaemia and allergies.These two planets behave alike.

Rahu- Rahu can lead to diseases related to arms, chest, lungs, allergies and anxiety issues.

Ketu -Ketu can give disturbed mind, chicken pox and stammering issues.

Till now, we have discussed relation of astrology with diseases. It is quite clear that astrology can be instrumental in finding out the root source of diseases. Having said that, I also want to highlight that astrology texts have given remedies too which can be. really good to get rid of diseases in combination with your allopathic medicines.We also try to merge the principles of Ayurveda and Patanjali yoga sutras to help people get rid of diseases.I give you a simple example. A person who is facing blood related problems due to afflicted mars should drink pomegranate juice to recover from the illness. Another example can be a person with Saturn in swati should do kapalbhati yoga to keep kapha related problems in check.So medical astrology has its own benefits and having rich experience in the same,I am proud that ancestors has gifted us with divine knowledge which can bring happiness on worrisome faces.

Its my personal advise that you should take allopathic medicine but also look for divine advice if you are facing some major issue. Allopathy will only treat effect of disease and astrology will treat the root root cause of karma behind the disease.

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