Astrology remedies for booming financial status based on your ascendant sign

Aries, Cancer – Be respectful to your guru, treat other Saints with Honor. Donate books to children and read the sculptures. Support the pilgrims financially. Pray and worship Lord Shiva as Omkareshwar.

Taurus – Be equally caring to people who provide service you. The better you treat your workers, the more success you achieve. you can. Perform the Satya Narayana pooja. once in few months. Do not have any conflicts with your servants.

Gemini – worship lord Shiva daily. Perform in research related works. Help people who are deemed as outcastes. Be unique and think out of the box. Make different choices to be different from others.

Leo, Pisces – Be respectful with your brothers and other brotherly relations. Do not get into conflicts with your colleagues or co-workers, but sometimes surprise them with little gifts. Worship Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays.

Virgo, Aquarius – Maintain a balance relationship with your spouse. If you are not married yet and willing to get married, fast on the day lorded by your upapada. If you do not want to get married at all then donate for young unmarried girls. Worship Lord Vishnu as Sri Ranganathar.

Scorpio – Take care and pay honor to your mother and other motherly women in your life. Worship Lord Shiva as Somnath on Mondays. Don’t get into house conflicts. Donate charity for needy people around you.

Sagittarius – Be respectful to your father and elders. Worship and visit temples on Sunday. Honor the 12 Aditya’s based on the Sun’s transit through the 12 signs. Donate. amount for temple buildings.

Capricorn, Libra – Be cheerful to your friends. Treat them with honor and. care. Don’t get into any Arguments with your friends. Have more green leafy vegetables in diet. Worship Lord Vishnu on Wednesdays and Lord Ganesha on Tuesdays.



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