Beat your career blues with career astrology

In 21st century, career is an important aspect of life. All our dreams and desires can be fulfilled by a successful career. We work and perspire hard in order to pursue our career in the desirable stream. But many times, you might feel that you are not able to get your dream job or find success in your career. Also, you may not get the benefits equivalent to the hard work you have put. Your natal chart has excellent clues about careers and the gains you will receive from him.

Astrological clues

House based analysis-Your 10th house is the major house ruling profession, name & fame and recognition. For the people who are doing job,6th house is very important as it is the house for our service and day to day karma. Your 11th house is your gain and fulfilment of your desires. Favorable planets in 11th house helps you to achieve your dreams. Your 9th house is the most powerful house and the seat of your luck. A favorable 9th house can help you to achieve best things in the life with blessings of almighty.

Planetary based clues-Mercury is the karaka for 10th house. The strength and position of mercury in your natal horoscope and divisional charts is very important for your career. Along with this Sun, Saturn and Jupiter also plays a very important role. Sun is the planet showing your recognition, respect and status in the outer world. Saturn is the planet of working class and natural lord of 10th house. Jupiter is very important to judge the expansion in your professional life and thus deals with promotion and pay rise.

Ashtakvarga based analysis-It is important to give a look at Ashtakvarga for a fruitful career. Your 11th house should have more ashtakvarga points then your 10th house. This will show that your gains are greater than your hardwork. You can also give a look at points of 12th and 2nd house to look at overall wealth earned by the person.

Divisional charts-D10 or dashamsha chart is the major chart for analyzing career and profession. Your area of profession and the other sources of income can be delineated by dashamsha chart. Thus, it is important to have a look at this chart before giving opinion.

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