Benefits of chanting Vishnu Sahastranaam

2 min readMay 27, 2020

Hinduism, some call it a sect, some call is mysticism, some call it a religion but for us it is a way of life. Being Hindu is not just a religion but it’s a way of life narrated by The God himself through Vedas and sages through various scriptures. The only religion soft enough where you can choose a God or deity to worship and follow the various ways to live your life. The only thing Hinduism asks is your complete devotion to the deity of your own choosing. There are many ways to keep your mind and body healthy.

Yoga, Way of Living, Chanting of Mantras and Shlokas, etc. Everything has been given a set of procedures and a way to perform. Every Shlok and Mantra produces a different form of vibration or energy and it affects a different aspect of body and mind. In Hindu culture, we believe in astral body or Atma, and keeping it pure is our foremost duty.

There are three Supreme Divinity in Hindu religion, called The Holy Trinity. Brahma as The Creator, Vishnu as The Preserver, and Shiva as The Destroyer. Lord Vishnu is hailed the most important because he is the preserver of life and the way of living. There are numerous ways to worship the Supreme Being that preserves the whole universe. Some are hard to perform; some are as easy as reciting of Mantras and Shlokas with devotion.

Vishnu Sahasrnam Stotra-

As the name suggests, it is thousand (sahasr) names of Lord Vishnu, as mentioned in Anushasana Parv of The Great Indian Epic Mahabharat. There are countless scriptures on Lord Vishnu and plethora of sacred verses and mantras dedicated to Lord Vishnu but ‘Vishnu Sahasrnam Stotra’ is hailed as most significant and result oriented.

When you chant names of Lord Vishnu with purity in heart and devotion, it generates energy so pure that it removes all obstacles from your life, heals your body – physical and astral. Chanting of Stotra helps us to gain focus and concentration; it releases stress, cures illness, and ultimately gives us a healthy mind and body. Believing in a higher power gives us hope and faith – the two most powerful aspects of human life. Reciting Vishnu Sahasrnam Stotra will let you attain Moksha – the liberation of your soul from the continuous cycle of birth and death, the ultimate aim of every soul to be merged with The Supreme Being.




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