Brahm Muhurat , the period to find the Inner Self.

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Brahma Muhurat, the time of Lord Brahma, is approximately 1 hour 36 minutes before sunrise and lasts for 96 minutes. Also, termed as ‘creator’s Hour’ it is considered best with lasting effect for all the spiritual practice and meditation. The still mind state during this Vata phase of the morning is to achieve a deeper meditation.

Brahm Muhurat with its Significance/Potential-

The Brahm Muhurat is a peaceful, calm and cheerful atmosphere when vital of energy is at its peak results in long life and concentration. Physical exercises done during this hour reduce fat, improves the digestive system and keeps mind as well as body energetic throughout the day.

The 41 % increased oxygen level, as per scientists, during Brahm Muhurat acts as an anti-aging agent and waking up during this time synchronizes our body with the natural clock. The early risers have lower BMI and are less likely to suffer from obesity, diabetes, insomnia or depression.

Yoga asana during Brahm Muhurat-

Yoga, when done calmly during early hours stimulates overall health with the harmonization of mind, body, and breath; it leaves the riser full of energy and a positive attitude throughout the day. Yoga eliminates toxic, decreases basal metabolic rate, results in the optimal secretion of endocrine glands for improved relation with social interaction and balanced emotions.

Meditation in Brahm Muhurat-

The easy flow of ‘Sushumna Nadi’ will let you meditate deeply and easily. Before the start of meditation chanting of OM, at least 12 times or repeating some Shlokas elevates the mind and drives laziness and sleepiness out of the body. During this period, the mind can easily be molded and infused with divine thoughts, meditation or realization of your true self comes without much effort.

Best time to Gain Knowledge-

The mind is a fresh and physical body that is relaxed with a good night’s sleep and the presence of an extra quantity of oxygen in the atmosphere. The time of increased concentration and retaining capacity is beneficial in a student’s life as what he will read he will grasp it immediately without effort. The learning during this time of the dawn is always long-lasting.




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