Choose a mobile number that is suitable for your well-being

Do you that your mobile number can affect your success and progress? While selecting a mobile number for yourself be careful, cautious and take care of the following points:

*Do not select the number with repeated digits, such as 9924245200 or 9558282002. Repeated rhythm in digits of mobile number is wrong. It hinders your progress.

- Do not have the same digits for multiple numbers of times, for example, 9944440044 or 9944440245. The mobile numbers in which digits are repeated more than twice makes life dull and monotones. Excitement and enjoyment vanish from life.

- Never have the mobile number with multiple numbers of 4 or 8 in it. Number 8 represents Saturn and number 4 represents Rahu. More of these numbers will make your life complicated and obstacles will hinder your path to success. Though having one time 4 or 8 in your mobile number is fine.

So, what astrology says about the choice of mobile number? As per astrology, the mobile numbers with ascending order are good. We advise avoiding the mobile numbers in descending order.

For example, in mobile number 994567800 the middle and end numbers are in ascending form. The number ends with 00 but as the value of 0 is Nil so we can have 0 at the end. This type of number leads to success. Another good example of ascending mobile number is 993345699 as all the numbers are in rising order.

Remember numbers should be in ascending order and not in descending order. Therefore, avoid combinations like 786, 21, 52 or even 81.

Hence, everyone doesn’t get a suitable mobile number because either we are allotted a particular number or we choose one. If we are choosing one, then avoid the numbers with more of 4 and 8. Repeated 4545, 2828, 5656 descending order. Always have the mobile number in which middle and end numbers are in ascending order.

Numerology is a piece of valuable knowledge. If numbers contribute to your progress then they can also be the cause of your downfall. If you want to know more about numbers and their role in your life then contact us.

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