Commodities Predictions for June 2021

3 min readJun 3, 2021

Since on June 1, Rahu has come in Rohini (2) and Ketu in Anuradha (4), Mustard, Soybean, Oil, Mustard seed, Chilli, and cotton may have been expensive.

On June 2, Mars has come in its debilitated sign (Cancer) and formed Samsaptak Yoga (opposition) with Saturn. On the same day, retrograde Mercury came in the Taurus and formed a union with Sun and Rahu, and have set in the west. Price rise especially in Wheat, Oat/Barley, Chickpea, Rice, Peas, Cotton, Yarn, Sesame, Oil, Jaggery, Linseed, Crude, Copper and generally in other grocery items.

On June 3, Venus came in Ardra, and this will keep prices of wheat and similar grains and chickpea somewhat same.

On June 7, Mars will come to Pushya Nakshatra, and it may cause a rise in the price of Silver and Cotton after some fluctuation. Gold and Copper price may also rise significantly.

On June 8, Sun will come in Mrigshir Nakshatra, and this may cause a rise in the price of Cotton, Yarn, Silk, Camphor, Musk, Sandalwood, Gold, Silver, Flax, Urad (Black gram), Moong (Green gram), Moth bean, Chickpea, Millet, Linseed, and all fruits.

On June 11, since the moon will be in the waxing crescent phase on Friday, it may cause a reduction in the price of mustard, sesame, oil, wheat, rice, urad (black gram), chickpea, woollen clothes and wool. Cotton, silver and gold price may rise after some fluctuation.

On June 14, Venus will enter Punarvasu Nakshatra, which may cause a reduction in the price of gold, silver, cotton, yarn. The prices of cereals and cotton seed may rise.

On June 15, Sun will enter Gemini and form a union with Venus with an aspect of Jupiter. Silk, yarn, cotton, mustard, iron, sesame, jaggery, brown sugar, sugar, ghee, moong (green gram), urad (black gram), wheat, rice, etc. all types of grains, silver and gold may see a steep rise in price then could see the bearish trend in one or two days.

On June 16, retrograde Mercury will enter Rohini Nakshatra and will form eknakshatra (constellation). Cotton, yarn, gold, silver, sesame, mustard, rice, jaggery, brown sugar may see fluctuation in price then the price may rise.

On June 20, retrograde Mercury will rise in the east. On the same day, retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius may cause a sudden rise in the price of ghee, turmeric, chickpea, yellow pulses, and silver.

On June 22, Sun will enter Ardra Nakshatra. On the same day, Venus will enter Cancer and make a union with Mars. Mars – Saturn will form Samsaptak yog (opposition) with Saturn. Hence, as per planetary position, prices may rise. Linseed, castor, oil, jaggery, brown sugar, sugar, chickpea, cotton, yarn, Khal, silver may see the price rise. Crude oil may also see the price rise.

On June 25, Venus will enter Pushya Nakshatra, and as a result, the price of cotton, yarn, flax, silk, wool and cereals may rise. The price of Shellac, leather, camphor, mercury, asafoetida, jaggery, brown sugar, sugar, may reduce a little bit.

On June 28, Mercury will enter in Mrigshir Nakshatra, and it may cause price rise in cotton, fluctuation then price rise in silver, ghee and price fall in wheat, sesame, mustard, urad (black gram).

On June 29, Mars will enter Ashlesha Nakshatra, and it may cause a price rise in silver, a little bit of price fall in cotton, and a price rise in wheat, rice etc grains.

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Disclaimer: The above projections and predictions are generalised and based on planetary positions and their movement. Kindly verify the details and any specific predictions with your astrologer before acting on these predictions. The author shall not be held liable for any loss arising due to acting on these projections and prediction. Any change due to an unforeseeable situation or condition cannot be predicted. Act of God and natural disasters cannot be predicted and their effect on these projections and prediction cannot be incorporated.




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