Motherhood is a blessing. Giving birth to a new life brings prosperity and fortune t your family. But sometimes unfortunate mishaps happen during pregnancy. Mother has to take care of herself to avoid chances of miscarriage and to have a healthy baby.

It’s said that the baby inside the mother’s womb adopts whatever the mother and her surrounding are transmitting in terms of value and character. Also the mother and baby get blessings when the mother indulges in welfare. Here I will give some advice to contribute generously during the months of pregnancy to receive positive energy and blessings.

-1st Month: Feed rice to cow each Friday.

- 2nd Month: Give soaked Chickpeas lentils (Chana dal) to parrots.

- 3rd Month: Feed jaggery to the ox.

- 4th Month: Smell the fragrance of wet soil and visit Basil plants.

- 5th Month: Give Black Lentils (Urad Dal) to horses.

- 6th Month: Donate iron or oil.

- 7th, 8th, and 9th Month: Prepare a meal and sweet dishes at home and feed Brahmins.

Note: Follow the above-mentioned points on the first Monday to have a healthy pregnancy.

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