Corona Pandemic, its End and Astrology

3 min readJul 9, 2020

What people cannot perceive and explain logically, either they call it magic or discard it as fake, but imagine someone who doesn’t know French language and he’s calling it magic or fake. Is it right? No. Similarly, Astrology is a science that requires an understanding of the language of the planets, stars and other cosmic bodies.

As we said, the infection rate of Covid 19 is spiking and probably would reach its peak in mid to the third week of July because Solar eclipse occurred during the period when 6 planets were Vakri from June 18 to June 26, 2020, in India’s Astro Chart. This happened in Mithun Rashi and in 2nd to 8th houses in India’s Astro chart where Ketu (South Node) was present in Mool Nakshatra (Lunar Mansion) which means an increase in infections in India. Ashtam bhav (8th)is maarak bhav in India’s Astro chart and there was Chandra-Shani-Ketu (South Node) dasha from 1st June to 5th July. Unfavourable dasha and Vakri Planets together with 21 june Solar eclipse gave us a sudden increase in corona infection cases. Also, on 30th June, Jupiter conjoining with Pluto in Sagittarius in Uttar Ashada Nakshatra was the situation that spiked the infection rate.

Based on these readings, it was my opinion that the period between mid-June to mid-July is critical for our country, especially mid-July would see the peak in infection rate.

My fellow Indians, do not despair, as Mercury is ahead to Rahu (South Node) in Mrighashira Nakshatra and Sun has now moved in Punarvasu Nakshatra, the Kaal Sarp Dosh that began on 24th February with Mangal Ketu conjunction in Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius) is now partially broken. With Rahu of Ardra, Covid-19 virus has almost lost its lethal force, although its spread is continuing. We will see a gradual decline in the death rate of infected patients.

There is still some unspent energy after the retrograde transit of Planets. Now that Mars is in a favourable position in Meen Rashi and giving 4th aspect to Sun, Mercury and Rahu in Mithun Rashi while it is in angle with, or aspected by Saturn by 3rd aspect from Makar or Capricorn. Also, Mercury gets direct on 14th July and Sun moves to Kark Rashi on 16th July, the Kal Sarp Dosh in India’s Astro Chart is fully broken.

Mercury direct on 14th July should ease the situation on the education front. Mercury will enter in Karka Rashi on 2nd August leaving Gemini’s Rahu shadow and Grahan shadow behind. From August onwards, schools, colleges and universities should start opening up.

God willing, the infection would start to decline from July last week and subside by the end of September or mid October. Venus is 6th lord in India’s Astro chart, and India will have full control over the virus when Venus Dasha ends on 9th October 2020.

There Is big possibility for perfect vaccination for this pandemic only around March end -mid April 2021 wen Jupiter transits Aquarius. Till Then trust the biggest Vaccination- the Name of Sri Hari (which we all forgot).


Read/listen Sri Rudram and Hanuman Chalisa daily (With seeing book).




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