Dhumravarna — The Slayer of Ego

This manifestation of Shri Ganesh is the form of Shiv-Brahm and the vehicle is a mouse.

Once the Sun God thought he is the Lord of Karma Rajya so he is the supreme in all the worlds while thinking he sneezed and a demon emerged from that sneeze. That demon went to demon guru Shukracharya who named him Aham, as the demon was born from the ego of Sun God. There are few other names as well, like Ahankarsur and Ahantasur given in different scriptures.

With the inspiration of demon guru Shukracharya, Aham prayed with complete devotion to Shri Ganesh for thousands of years. Ultimately Shri Ganesh was please and appeared before the demon. Aham asked for immortality, the sovereignty of all three worlds, invincibility and salubrity. Ganesh Ji blessed him with the boon and disappeared.

When he came back, demon guru Shukracharya was so elated that he crowned him the King of demons. Aham made the city Vishaypriy as his abode and ruled the demons. Later on, Ahantasur married Mamata (Mineness), the daughter of Pramadasur and fathered two sons, Shreshth and Garv.

On the advice of his guru and other demons, he conquered all the three worlds. He reigned with cruelty and terror. He killed any voice of reason and whoever dared to oppose him. Injustice and sin prevailed everywhere.

Upon the advice of Brahma and Shiv Ji, all the Gods and sages meditated and prayed to Shri Ganesh for salvation. After seven hundred years of prayers, Shri Ganesh manifested as Dhumravarna appeared before them and assured them that he will restore the balance and justice in the universe.

Shri Dhumravarna sent Devarshi Narad as his emissary to Ahankarsur to ask to change his demonic ways and live his life peacefully with dharma. Upon hearing the proposal, Ahantasur became angry and sent Devarshi back.

When the peace treaty failed, Shri Dhumravarna attacked the army of Ahankarsur with his Fiery Snare. Soon the snare started killing the army, and none could oppose it. Fearing for his life, Ahantasur consulted demon guru Shukracharya who advised him to seek forgiveness from Shri Dhumravarna. Ahantasur has no other option but to seek asylum, so he fell on his knees and asked for forgiveness. Shri Dhumravarna forgave him and asked him to go at a place where Dhumravarna is not worshipped.

Shri Dhumravarna killed the ego without killing the demon.

Note: In some scriptures, Dhumravarna manifestation of Shri Ganesh is also called Dhumraketu and said to come in future along with Kalki Avatar to destroy Abhimanasur, a symbol of ego and pride in humans.

Shri Ganesh is first worshipped, said to be the remover of obstacles and associated with Mooladhar Chakra of energy.

The author is a devout celebrity astrologer, numerologist, gemologist, Vastu consultant, motivational speaker and Vedic musical wedding performer. For consultation, advice or any puja booking, you can contact him at 99666 67290.




Vedic Astro-Numerologist l Karmic Healer l VastuShastri | Spiritual Coach I Sharing Deeper Spiritual Insights With World

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Gkm Astrology - Gajanan Krishna Maharaj

Gkm Astrology - Gajanan Krishna Maharaj

Vedic Astro-Numerologist l Karmic Healer l VastuShastri | Spiritual Coach I Sharing Deeper Spiritual Insights With World

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