Diya is the symbol of hope; it removes darkness from our lives with the victory of hope over dullness. The concept is worth a thought that when a person is surrounded with negative thoughts then lighting the atmosphere generates hope within the soul.

Removes Darkness

Diya is very significant in our scriptures. But why to light Diya when we have an artificial light substitute available? Diya eliminates negative vibrations from the atmosphere; it generates the flow of positive thoughts for a peaceful and calm mind. The flame always moves upwards which teaches us always to grow in our life, attain knowledge and have higher ideals.

Symbol of Strength

Diya lit corner of a house denotes purity, the welfare of individual and family, prosperity and power. Diya is a solitary combination of the three Goddess: Devi Saraswati, Devi Lakshmi, and Devi Durga, the combination deprives our lives of sadness and opens our mind to welcome contentment and happiness.

A Diya lit house is full of affection and people residing have resoluteness, intelligence, and patience in their attitude. The positive vibration will induce cautiousness in the thought process; people will apply logic before speaking or acting.

Killing Bacteria

Be it Mustard oil, Ghee, Sesame oil or camphor a Diya kills the bacteria and germs present in the atmosphere. After sunset, the presence of bacteria increases in the atmosphere, so lighting Diya, especially during this time, will provide us a healthy life.

The Electromagnetic Force

Einstein’s theory of relativity mentions that charged particles create an electromagnetic force that reduces tension and brings elasticity in life. A Diya light generates this force that acts as a magnet between calmness and human attitude, the force so generated creates a loop of spirituality and human behavior. Humans automatically enter into this loop where they perform all spiritual and good deeds with a force of friction that encourages them to move forward in their life.



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