Ekdant — The Slayer of Arrogance

Maharishi Chyawan created the demon Madasur. The demon went to Shukracharya, the guru of demons, and pleaded with him to show the path so that he could rule the universe. Upon realising the potential, Shukracharya gave him a sacred hymn ‘Ri’ to please Devi. Madasur went to the forest for penance and he did it with devotion and without food. His penance was so severe that his physical body almost melted and just his skeleton-like body remained.

His whole body was covered with plants that grew around him. At last, Devi Singhvahini was pleased with the devotion and appeared before him. Upon the promise of a boon, Madasur spoke about his wish to rule the entire universe. Devi gave him the boon that all his desires will be fulfilled.

Armed with the boon, Madasur returned to his abode and married Lalsa, the beautiful daughter of demon Pramadasur. He built a grand palace and lived happily with his wife. Over the time he fathered three sons Vilasi, Loloop and Dhanpriya. His sons proved to be very formidable warriors.

With the help of his sons and an army of demons, Madasur conquered all three worlds, earth, the nether world (Patal Lok) and heaven (Swarg Lok). He even conquered Kailash. As were the ways of demons, soon there was chaos everywhere. Righteousness had to give way to vices, Gods and sages were tortured at the sight and there was no justice for the aggrieved.

The balance was disturbed so Gods met Maharishi Sanat Kumar and asked for his help. Maharishi Sanat Kumar advised them to pray to Shri Ekdant and sing a hymn in his praise. Gods did as they were told. After a long time, the divine Shri Ekdant appeared before them riding a mouse. The Gods pleaded with him for the just order to be restored in the universe and demonic rule to be ended. Shri Ekdant assured the Gods that he will restore the order.

Devarshi Narad was a witness of this whole process when Shri Ekdant gave assurance to Gods, so he went to the realm of Madasur and warned him about coming predicament, and told him not to fight with Ekdant. But Madasur, being an arrogant demon, became angry and marched with his army to fight Shri Ekdant. Shri Ekdant appeared before his army, seeing the gigantic form of Ekdant, Madasur sent his emissary to enquire. Shri Ekdant told the emissary that he has come to destroy the arrogance of his master and if his master wants to live, he should seek refuge.

Madasur remembered what Devarshi Narad had told him but being an arrogant demon, he decided to fight thinking he could easily defeat Ekdant. The moment he pulled the string of his bow, a giant axe struck on his chest sending him to the ground. When he regained consciousness, he realised the divinity of Shri Ekdant and fell on his feet requesting forgiveness and refuge.

Shri Ekdant forgave him and forbade him from visiting any place where anyone worships Shri Ekdant. ‘Shri Ekdant did not kill but destroyed arrogance.’



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Vedic Astrologer | Vastu Consultant | Strong lineage of learned astrologers for 9 generations. For Astro consultations +91 9966667290 (Whatsapp/Telegram)