Factual Benefits of Navratra

We grow internally, we become a spiritual person.

The nine nights of creativity, the nights when the positive energies are at peak and the nights that transform negativity into positivity. These nine nights are our faith and belief in the power of the Goddess. We worship Her with devotion and get blessed with peace, success and courage.

How many of us know that there are 4 Navratras, out of which 2 are discreet ones and are observed by the people who want to attain certain siddhi and psychic powers in their life.

We popularly celebrate Chaitra and Shardeeya Navtratra that falls in the month of March or April and September or October respectively. These are the two periods when earth faces Equinox, the period when both days and nights are of equal length whereas all the four Navratra mark the change of season.

Now one may ask what is the reason to fast during Navratra? We fast to bring our body into equilibrium with the weather changes. With fasting our physical body is purified and we become a storehouse of vital energy.

When we meditate during this period of awareness, we remove all the toxins from our mind like fear, anger, anxiety, hatred, depression and even addiction. It brings in purification of emotions.

With both these activities i.e. fasting and meditation during Navratras, we purify all the 9 chakras in our body, with our mind attaining peace and body becoming healthy. We untie any emotional knot within us and also detach from false beliefs.

We grow internally, we become a spiritual person.

We celebrate this festival with a zeal and enthusiasm; we associate ourselves with all the nine colors of Devi Durga. These colors bring peace, prosperity, wealth, success, courage, power and determination in our lives.

This Navratra, I request you to meditate along with Mantra Chanting. You offer food and distribute gifts to nine girls but this time along with it plant a tree to nurture mother nature, offer food some needy person, give food and water to street animals. The kindness done never gets unnoticed. We enjoy what we cultivate. So, grow kindness today and ripe its benefits throughout your life.



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