For prevention of All diseases/physical suffering

‘Shri mahamrityunjay mantra’ (Mritsanjeevni Mantra)

‘Om haum joon sah, Om bhurbhuwah swah. Om trayambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam. Urvarukmiv bandhnat mrityormukshiya mamratat. Swah bhuwah bhooh Om. Sah joon haum Om.’

Meaning: We pray to Supreme father trayambakam (God Shiva). He is the one who gives ultimate bliss and strength. Like watermelon etc fruits (when fully ripe itself) gets off the vine, similarly (after enjoying full life) from this mortal life I shall (without suffering) get off, but shall not leave life like nectar.

Short method:

This is summarised mantra. Shivalinga denotes Omkar, if one looks at it like uninterrupted and incessant stream and recite this mantra with faith, then meditative state becomes a reality and gives a blissful happiness.

Regular reciting of this mantra with faith, in an auspicious time, with purity and calmness, in a temple (especially Shiva temple) with concentration, Ganga or or anyother pilgrimage place, water body or reservoir, near peepal tree, or at a clean and secluded place in your home, with resolution, in a predetermined odd number (one or three etc), will definitely benefit you.

Any change in number of reciting could cause insanity. When the number of reciting mantra is over, you should donate in this order, one tenth of number of mantra reciting to hawan, one tenth of hawan to tarpana (libation), and one tenth of tarpana for marjan, and donate as per capacity to brahmin along with food. You should recite Shiv Kawach after reciting this mantra.



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