Ganesha Chaturthi is birthday of Lord Ganesha, the eldest son of. Shiva and Parvati celebrated on fourth day of month of Bhadrapada.Lord Ganesha is popularly known as Vighanharta i.e. one who helps overcome obstacles in the life. In astrology, Planet Ketu is always associated with Lord Ganesha.Well, the association has a deep associated meaning to it.Ketu is a planet which tears apart, creates obstacles in the path.Ganesha creates obstructions in the path of the evil minded people who are enemies of God. Being Son of Shiva, he performs his responsibility to uphold dharma and ensure regularity of all worlds.

DATE- 10th September,2021

Ganesha : The leader of the ganas

The Real essence of Ganesha Chaturthi :

What the stars foretell- Planetary situation on Ganesha Chaturthi :

Do’s and Donts

  • Don’t bring Ganesha idols made of harmful chemicals as it causes harm to environment and water bodies. We should always try to bring an idol made up of eco-friendly material which can become part of mother earth and nature when immersed in water.
  • - Ganesha idol should be preferably kept in east, North-east and north direction.
  • - Be sure that there is no toilet near the idol. The area near the idol should be pious.
  • - Please do keep a mouse and ladoos near the idol in order to please Lord Ganpati.
  • - The idol should preferably in sitting mode if placed in home. For big pandals,it can be in standing mode also.
  • - The trunk should preferably in left position as right positioned Ganpati is difficult to please.

To conclude, I will only say that Ganpati is first among Gods and no auspicious ceremony can take place while appeasing him.We should all welcome the vighnahartas in our heart if not home for overall success and prosperity in life. The more you let go off your desires and go deep I spirituality, the more simpler life will become as Ketu’ bliss will shine on us. Let’s celebrate this Ganesha chaturthi with great pomp and love! I hope that ShreeGanesha will give us a chance to celebrate this festival without Covid-19 next year.

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