Gender Disparity in Corona Infection

Corona pandemic has spread like fire in the jungle; it recognizes no caste, religion, and gender. But then also women are less infected from the virus than the men. The patient statistics of Corona reflect that up till now 30% of women and 70% of men have been infected. What accounts for this huge variation in the infected percentage?

One of the possibilities is that the responsibility to go out and collect necessary supplies fall on men. When they cross the demarked line of social distancing they expose themselves more to the virus. But again we may enquire won’t they return and infect the females in their household? It is a strong permutation. Despite this chance percentage of infected women is far much lower than men.

Let’s dwell on the scientific statistics of the immune response variation between both genders. Women survive trauma or have less risk of developing any disease while men with the less strong immune systems have a narrow range to recognise pathogens. This health disparity mechanism is directly related to the genetic material micro RNAS which is located in the X chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes in comparison to men who have one X and one Y chromosome. It is the X chromosome that contains 10% of micro RNAS in the human genome whereas the Y chromosome contains none. The reason that micro RNAS boost the immune system is responsible for extra protection to women as they have two copies of micro RNAS with two X chromosomes.

The statistics further reflect men smoke and consume alcohol much more than women that is also a cause of higher infection and weaker immune system in men. The nutrition status and micro biome composition affect the immune system of males and females differently. Men are now considered 3 times more at risk of dying in hospital from COVID-19.



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