Do you know something, by buying local you are not only nurturing your country’s economy but also becoming self-sufficient and less dependent on imports? When goods are purchased locally it creates a demand to fulfil which the business owner increases supply which means using more of local resources and employment of local workers.

Job opportunity

Money circulation

An imported item increases the import bill of the country, weakening Indian currency with respect to a foreign one. So, more the money is re-circulated locally more purchases are made locally which results in profits of the country kept within the country.

Wages and benefits

Standard of living

A ‘Go local India’ campaign can keep our economy stable in the downfall due to Corona Virus. The idea is not about how much money we Indians have but it is about how much we spend on local products so that our money circulates within our country and we Indians (not an outsider) get benefit out of it. Let’s support our PM by purchasing local products and keep our economy running smoothly in this crisis.

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