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The festival of Holi is a special one for all of us. It is pleasantly known as festival of colors, a day where we fill our life with various emotions ranging from happiness to excitement.

But have you given serious thought what’s the deeper meaning of Holi? And the most important question-What astrological significance does Holika dahan holds in our life?

Let me take you through an interesting read which contains astrological facts proving holika dahan as symbolism of higher truth.

Sun, the king transits through natural 12th house of the zodiac when you celebrate Holi. Sun is your soul and 12th house is the deepest house symbolizing deepest arena of karma. So, the king is actually on a visit to resolve the obstructions caused by past karma. It is on a journey to revive the soul from the evil practices. This is the essence of Holika dahan too -to burn the evil inside and out so that soul can radiate its actual power.

Now let’s go deeper -Pisces is the 12th house of zodiac and after it the exaltation sign of Sun, Aries is there. It means soul has to let go the past experience and resolve the memories of bitter karma to shine thoroughly. It also means that any planet which is posited in Pisces has to face some hindrances generally caused by the past karmic practices. For e.g.-Mars in Pisces can mean some trouble to siblings. Saturn in Pisces can cause delays in various important areas and you might be able to put a closure doing same mistakes repetitively. If Pisces is placed in 7th house with malefic affliction, you might not be able to let go off past relationships.

Now, when Sun is transiting through Pisces, it is looking to put rectify our past karma and burn all the hindrances in our progress. Once, the baggage of past is off-loaded, the future holds lots of achievements for us.

So, let your soul shine with purity and integrity.

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