Holika Dahan Muhurat : March 17, 2022

Holika Dahan is done during the Bhadra-free period on the day of Phalgun Purnima when Pradosh stretches to all day. As- ‘Sa Pradoshvyapini Bhadrarahit Grahya.’ (Dharmasindhu)

If there is Bhadra at the time of Pradosh Kaal and Bhadra is ending before Nishith Kaal (around midnight), then according to the scriptures, Holika Dahan should be done after Bhadra and before Nishith Kaal. However, if Bhadra does not end before Nishith Kaal and prevails after Nishith (midnight), and Pradosh is not stretching to Purnima on the next day, then Holika Dahan should be done during Pradosh time by ignoring Bhadra duration on the first day itself. As- “Pardine pradoshasparshabhave” on the previous day if “nishithatprak bhadrasamaptih tada bhadravasanottarameva holikadipanam. Nishithottam bhadrasamptau bhadramukham tyaktva bhadrayameva”.

This situation is present in this samvat 2078. Pradosh is stretching to Falgun Purnima only on the first day (March 17, 2022). On this day Pradosh’s duration is from 6:35 pm to 8:56 pm and it is with Bhadra, and Bhadra is ending after Nishith (midnight). In such a situation, according to the above mentioned rule of scriptures, Holika Dahan should be done on March 17, 2021, by ignoring Bhadra Mukh (main) duration.

On this day Main or high Bhadra duration in the middle of Nishith duration (midnight) will be from 22:14 hrs to 24:11 hrs. Whereas receding Bhadra time will be from 21:04 hrs to 22:14 hrs.

Bhadra Peak time – 22:14 hrs to 24:11 hrs

Bhadra Receding time – 21:04 to 22:14 hrs

Clearly, on this day (17th March 2022) Pradoshkaal is completely free (untouched) from Bhadra-Mukh (Peak time). Therefore, on Thursday, March 17 2022, during the Pradosh-Vyapini period of the full moon, Holika Dahan can undoubtedly be done during the time period from 18:35 hrs to 20:56 hrs.



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