2 min readMar 27, 2021

Holi Dahan is one of the important rituals of Holi and has relevance with astrological remedies too. The time-period of holi dahan is very powerful in terms of doing remedies for evil eye, black magic and reducing ill-effects of past karma. You can mitigate the effects of evil planets especially in sign of Pisces as it is our deepest karma and sun is transiting through this sign.

Here are some remedies which you can effectively perform on holi dahan-

1.For establishing peace and harmony between family members,one should recite Vishnu sahasranam or sunderkand on day of holi dahan .It brings positive energy to the house.

2.Apply yellow tikka on forehead before starting Puja of holi dahan. The yellow color is related with Jupiter and hence, a symbol of prosperity and dharma.

3.If there is disharmony between married couples, they should offer wheat flour to the holy fire. This will help in burning the past seeds of bad karma.

4.People who are suffering from sun related afflictions should donate wheat or other food items equivalent to the weight of the person.

5.After Holi Dahan, light seven ghee diyas in north direction of the house. This helps in bringing prosperity and good luck.

6.If you are severe health problems, then bring the remaining ashes after dahan to your home and keep it under your pillow. This can cure many chronic diseases.

Note : All the above-mentioned remedies should be undertaken with proper consultation from an expert astrologer in order to safe-guard yourselves from any ill-effect.




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