Horoscope 2022 based on your zodiac sign: Know the possibilities ahead

10 min readNov 17, 2021


Every new beginning brings new set of hopes and aspirations with it. The English new year widely celebrated all across the world brings new joy for all of us. The underlying reason for the joy is our optimistic outlook for new opportunities and happiness to strike our door. In Jyotisha, planetary transits bring gift packages for the natives. Now this gift can be good or bad depending upon your karmic patterns inherited from past lives or karmas done in this life.


Aries ascendant /moon-sign people will have complete transformation in 2022.Ruled by fiery Mars, native with these ascendant or moon-sign will attract numerous opportunities and good fortune with Jupiter in Aquarius this year. Jupiter will shift to Pisces in April giving good chances to travel and settle abroad permanently. Saturn will be in Aquarius from 29th April, 2022 to 12th July, 2022. A glorious time for Aries natives to transform their personal self (3rd aspect on 1st house) and develop permanent sources of income. A very good time for people working in technology, fintech, Data sciences, robotics, automation and analytics company as they will experience multi-fold growth. However Rahu in 1st house Aries may result in too many desires and aspirations resulting in selfish and stubborn nature.


Bharani ascendant/moon-sign people will have mixed experiences in New Year. The yoga karaka planet Saturn will be transiting 10th house of career and karma. This can make you work hard for your career and attain high position in profession. Jupiter will be transiting through your 10th and 11th house giving ups and downs in career as well as regular earning capacity. However; Jupiter will also give huge respect in professional and friend circle as it is 11th lord too. Rahu transiting through 12th house in 2nd half will give you opportunities to you to move to foreign land for profession and job. However, it will lead to unwanted expenditure or extravagant living too. Beware of any health issues too as Rahu can make you visit health centers.


Shani Dhaiya: With Saturn's transit in Aquarius 2022,the dhaiya will end for Gemini moonsign natives. This will surely bring great relief and new opportunities related to marriage ad career. Overall the restrictions which bounded you in last 2.5 years will get lifted during this period. The upcoming year is very good for Gemini natives as the ongoing conjunction of Saturn & Jupiter in 8th house of zodiac will officially come to an end. Many important areas where you were patiently waiting for results be it related to relationships or career will gain momentum and you will see positive results. The wait is finally over and it’s time to multiply your income by manifold (Rahu in 11th house). Jupiter transiting 9th and 10th house can give you marriage and rise in career graph. This marriage will also bring good fortune for your family.


Shani Dhaiya: The cancer moon-sign natives will be suffering from Shani dhaiya as Saturn will be transiting from the sign of Aquarius which is 8th from Cancer. Being an emotional sign ,dhaiya might weaken these people mentally and give them worries on account of health and uncertainty in life. Mental stress will engulf you. In order to have relief, do meditation and visit Shani mandir on Saturday. You should also focus on increasing strength of your planets.

The year 2022 will be difficult for cancer natives/moon-sign people with Ketu in 4th house and Saturn transiting 8th house of the chart. This combination might give rifts at home and family environment might not be cordial. It is advised to stay calm and don’t indulge in arguments with in-laws especially. Jupiter in 8th and 9th house is a good placement but still it has some shortcomings as the mool-trikona sign of Jupiter falls in 6th house of the zodiac. You may get infected by some long term disease as the 6th lord is transiting 8th house and Saturn in itself is karaka for long term diseases.


The year 2022 will be average for Leo natives. The 6th and 7th lord Saturn will be transiting the 6th and 7th house only. Delays in marriage and relationships can be seen. However, Saturn gets directional strength in 7th house. Therefore, it can take you away from your hometown. Jupiter will be transiting your 7th and 8th house making good combinations for love marriage and higher education abroad. Leo natives can also visit spiritual and religious places. As sun is your lagna lord, it is always opined to stay away from non-Veg food and alcoholic drinks to reap the best fruits throughout life. Students pursuing higher education will get desired success in their academic endeavors.


The year 2022 will be quite good for the Virgo natives. Saturn in 6th house will reduce your debts and bring relief from the diseases too. Your children will get monetary benefits during this time. Jupiter transiting your 6th and 7th house is a good transit however the first few months can be difficult. New opportunities and success in business ventures can be experienced with this transit of Jupiter. Rahu will transit through 8th house bringing many hidden diseases to the core. You should remain alert and ready for diagnosis. There will be a conjunction of 4 planets Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury in the fifth house which will bring success for children and give rise to new sources of income.


The year 2022 will be mixed bag with yoga karaka Saturn transiting 5th house for some months. Your children might attain good heights and achieve on professional and personal fronts as Saturn will reward them highly in upcoming years. Jupiter is not a favorable planet for libra natives and its transit through 5th and 6th house may result in increase of loans and diseases. Rahu in 7th house can pose some differences with business partners. However, new opportunities and growth can also be seen in professional arena.


The year 2022 will be good for Scorpio natives. Jupiter transiting through 4th house till April and this can give you travels for education. There will be a lot of joy at home with festivities and celebrations. Your relationship with your mom will improve and progress in education will also show uptrend. Saturn was transiting 3rd house in 2021 making you work very hard for flourishing in your career and overall life. It will shift to Aquarius in April 2022 and this may help you to reap the fruits of good karma. It can also result in change of residence. It will also aid in beating enemies and getting rid of any loans in long term. As Saturn will be aspecting your lagna, you may experience many changes in your personal self. Rahu in 6th house in 2nd half will also aid in thriving in highly competitive environment. Ketu in 12th house is good for spiritual pursuits.


Sadesati Alert: The sadesati period is over for Sagittarius moon-sign people with Saturn entering Aquarius. You might be subjected to lot of turmoil and frustrations in last 7.5 years but the upcoming time will be fruitful for the you. The emotional turmoil will come to an end.

The year 2022 will be good for Sagittarius natives. The ascendant lord Jupiter will be transiting 3rd house Aquarius and 4th house Pisces. A good time to tie the knot or get into a relationship. The married couples will enjoy the marital bliss during this time. The environment at home will be quite good and cozy. You will enjoy with your family and feel at peace with the happy moment spent with loved ones. Rahu transiting your 5th house will gift you with lot of intelligence and creative expression. You might become famous in social circles and intellectual world due to your creativity. Saturn will also transit through 3rd house in April giving lot of potential to work hard. You will get opportunities to move to foreign lands and far off places.


The year 2022 will bring some relief for Capricorn ascendant/moon-sign people.

Sade-sati Alert(FOR CAPRICORN MOON NATIVES): As Saturn is going to shift to Aquarius from April, you will be experiencing setting phase of your sadesati. You might be facing lot of struggles & difficulties in accomplishing any tasks from last 2 years, however the upcoming time will bring some relief for you.

In general, Capricorn natives will witness average results during the year 2022. Instability in finances can be seen clearly with Jupiter being 3rd and 12th lord placed in 2nd house till April 2022.You need to put efforts to persuade clients in your profession. It is a good time to seek foreign alliances for professional purposes. Saturn will surely reward you for your hard work in 2nd half of the year and the delays in work environment will also nullify due to change in planetary positions. You will have strength to fight over diseases and enemies but you should beware about your opponents who deem to be your friends at workplace and in family. Stay away from arguments at home as Rahu might create some rifts and agitate you un-necessarily. Seek solutions rather than indulging in verbal spats.


Sade sati alert(For Aquarius moonsign natives): The Aquarius natives will experience peak of Sade-sati period. This might be difficult time for many aquarius natives as they might not get quick results of their hard work. The results of sade-sati don’t only depend upon the planetary placements but also on the karmas performed in this life time. Therefore,I advise all Aquarius moon-sign people to beware of their karmic patterns and conduct as Shani is a karmic planet and Aquarius is a karmic sign. Bad conduct can separate you from your friends and make you live life alone during this time period.You might be deserted by your close ones for selfish motives. Therefore, be generous and give donations to needy in order to get rid of bad karmas.

In general, year 2022 will be average for the Aquarius natives. Jupiter will transit through your ascendant or moon-sign till April and this will be an overall progressive period for you. This year is best for material gains and fame in the society due to favorable Jupiter .However, remain away from vices such as gambling, drinking and smoking otherwise Jupiter might started giving bad results. Gains and support from spouse for business ventures and spiritual evolution is also seen. You might to pilgrimage or a spiritual journey along with your spouse around Jan-Feb.


Sade-sati Alert (For Pisces moonsign natives): The Pisces natives will experience the start of sade-sati from April 2022.Though the beginning of sade-sati is not so worrisome but it still points towards the building up of frustration and delays in various areas of life. For pisces natives, finances can be the core area where this upcoming sade-sati can probably effect as Saturn rules over the house of gains and losses both. However, every time sade-sati gives us an opportunity to transform our true inner self for betterment. Saturn gives us the delays, losses and mental worries in order to put us on right path in our life. The best remedy for this onset of sade-sati is to donate to needy people.

In general, this year will be glorious for Pisces natives as the lagna lord will be transiting from 1st house itself after April 2022.Vitality, opportunities in business and gains all will be yours but expenses will also be on higher side too. New opportunities in corporate sector will arise for students. Success in competitive exams and MNC interviews can also be seen. There are good yogas for foreign travel too. In order to reap all benefits of this transit, you should clean your home templ day and offer donations to Brahmins. If possible, light a diya under peepal tree daily.

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