How planets are connected to our senses?

I have iterated many times in past that the Vedic knowledge is very much connected to our body system and parts. Through this article, I will show you the inter-connection between our senses and planets. This knowledge treasure can be used for solving many complex life issues and changing the whole direction of our life. Let’s have a look:

1.Sight- Your eyesight is ruled by planet Mars (Agni tatwa). When mars is under affliction or weakly placed, it gives problems with sight. Our eyesight is Jyoti i.e., divine light of Diya or lamp. Therefore, lightning a Diya/lamp gives a positive boost to our eyes. It also brings clarity of vision.

2.Hearing- Our hearing power is influenced by Jupiter (Akash tatwa). The weak position of Jupiter results in hearing problems. Also, we should note that Jupiter get debilitated in the nakshatra of Shravana.The nakshatra is also related to hearing and sacred sounds. Therefore, hearing Vedic texts and sacred sounds actually boosts our hearing power.

3.Touch-Saturn (Vayu tatwa) rules touch and thus, it influences our connectivity with the people too. When Saturn is negatively influenced or under severe affliction, one may feel disconnected. Therefore, offering an incense stick in temple or a sacred place can eliminate connectivity issues. It also makes us free of delusions and ego.

4.Taste- Venus rules over taste element in life. You know that Venus is jala element. Venus controls all type of relationships and thus, its positive placements can bring lot of happiness and prosperity. In order to nourish our Venus, we should provide the almighty with sweet food and delicacies.

5.Smell – Mercury rules over our smell. In astrology, mercury belongs to prithvi tatwa. Therefore, if one regularly offers Chandan to the divine, then his name never gets tainted in this world. He will enjoy good reputation in the society.



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