How to be safe after Corona-Lifestyle and astro remedies

Our prime-minister Narendra Modi has always emphasized on cleanliness and purity for the physical and mental well-being of the citizens of the country. His vision and motto for the country has gained more prominence today with outbreak of this pandemic COVID-19. The contagious disease of Corona-virus has forced us to rethink our lifestyle patterns which are almost same to the western countries now. Coronavirus has both physical and mental implications. So, keep everything clean should not limit to the physical boundaries of house rather you should extend it to your mental corridors too. This will help you to remain calm and energized during the time of crisis.

Some careful remedies by us to remain safe during this crisis.

  1. In initial times, people used to remove the shoes outside the home before entering the door. They first washed their hands and legs in order to remove any harmful viruses or dust they might carry from outer world. This helps a lot to keep diseases at bay as no harmful substances get transmitted to other house members. Today, also we can follow the same principal and use different shoes in our home for saving ourselves from diseases.

2. Gaumutra has awesome cleansing properties as it kills many micro-bacteria and disinfects the house. Nowadays many cleansing supplements are also based on the same. So, you can use them for cleaning your floors and washrooms.

3.The ancient Vedic era also didn’t approve of attached washrooms with rooms as it makes your living room surroundings impure. People who are constructing their house after corona should try to have separate bathrooms from their living rooms.

4. Make use of camphor at your workplace and home. Camphor possess anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Using camphor will give you many positive results related to work and peace at home.

5. In order to maintain flow of positive energy, you should use rock salt. According to Vaastu shastra, salt is associated with happiness and prosperity of the house. You should add a little tea-spoon of tea-salt while wiping your house. This will help to destroy negative energies and removing poverty.

6. Fire rituals and Havan were done by ancient seers in order to purify the environment and attain blessings of God. Fire rituals are very powerful in minimizing the effect of doshas and curses in Vaastu and Kundli. The ingredients used in Havan can purify the air around us. It may not be possible to arrange a yajna after Corona-virus but you should definitely do it when the situation becomes normal.

7.The entrance of your house is the magnet which attracts various types of energies. You should declutter it and decorate with fresh flowers in order to attract positive energies in your house. This will also keep stress at bay.

8. You can also make a shift to copper utensils. In pre-historic times, Copper vessels and other utensils were widely used. According to research by foreign universities, COVID-19 stays for the shortest time on copper metal. Thus, we should start using copper at home for our safety in future.

9. Mantra chanting and reading of scriptures for global peace and best health is always advocated. Reading Vishnu Sahasranama is best for health-related issues. Lord Vishnu is the palanhara of the universe and therefore responsible for restoring all the balance on the earth. By chanting Vishnu sahasranama, you are meditating upon 1000 names of God who can make us free from shackles of this harmful disease.

10. Chanting Sri-Rudram, the most powerful scripture on Shiva will be immensely beneficial. During Samudra-Manthan, Lord Shiva drank all the poison and become Neelkanth. Lord Shiva also known as Rudra is a biggest healer and can help us to get rid of destruction post Corona.

Coronavirus started when majority of planets were in Sagittarius. They were deeply affected by nodes with Ketu impacting Saturn and Jupiter. It is further predicted that the pandemic may end completely till mid of September when Rahu and Ketu will change signs. After the end of COVID-19, you should make substantial changes in your lifestyle. Also, perform suitable astrological remedies to attract positive energies from the universe. May Lord Vishnu bless all of us.

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