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Navamsa, the harmonic chart representing the microscopic view of 9th house is the most crucial chart for analyzing the married life of native. Nowadays, relationships are becoming more complex and therefore proper evaluation of chart is important for deciphering the success in the same. Your birth chart shows all your karmas but in order to deeply analyze various areas of life such as money, education, career, relationships, parents, siblings, etc., Rishi Parashara has given us divisional charts.

Today, many relationship predictions just fail due to the fact that navamsa chart was not given due consideration while giving predictions. Therefore, we always do a through study of the chart in order to give accurate predictions about the chart.

Key Tips for analyzing Navamsa

1. Just see whats your 7th lord in the Rashi Chart. Now, see the placement of 7th Lord in navamsa. If it is situated in a favorable sign, good house and aspected by benefics, your marriage life will be smooth. Let’s take an example — For Scorpio ascendant, Taurus is the 7th house and therefore, Venus will be the 7th lord. Now you have to check the placement of Venus in navamsa. If Venus is exalted in Navamsa without any malefic aspects, then married life will be smooth. Even if Venus is placed in friendly sign with aspect of good planets, good married life can be seen.

2.Now analyze the 7th house of Navamsa chart. The planet sitting in the 7th house of Navamsa chart will tell the features of your spouse. Also, lord of 7th house of navamsa chart should be analyzed. Navamsa is the inner frequency of our life patterns. The 7th lord and 7th house of Navamsa chart tells you about the inner sanctums of marriage which might not be visualized by the outer society. Many people may look happily married with their outer outlook but their personal co-ordination might not be good. Here, comes the role of 7th lord of navamsa chart. If it is placed in a friendly or exalted sign, then your co-ordination with spouse will be very good. Also, each planet being a 7th lord or placed in 7th house bring a different flavor in form of characteristics of spouse.

Jupiter -Spouse may be religious, courteous and respected personality. He may be elder to you.

Venus -Beautiful spouse with romantic nature

Saturn — Spouse may be quite older than you. He will be a disciplined man who takes responsibilities seriously. As Saturn gets digbala in 7th house, the placement of Saturn in 7th house will give your respect in house of spouse.

Mercury — Your better half may be younger than you having jolly nature. The person will be calculative with analytical bent of mind.

Mars — The spouse will have well built body with good height and other physical characteristics.

Sun — Sun gives you a spouse who is involved in government job or commands immense respect and authority in society. He/She will be enjoying lot of power and privilege

Moon -Moon gives you emotional spouse who seeks unconditional love from you. With moon in 7th house, a person may become attached to his spouse.

The results will vary according to the personal charts and strength of planets in navamsa. The strength of planets is dependent on the yogas made by the planet. Shubh Yogas will lead to good results only. Hence, holistic analyzation of chart can decipher the future of your relationships and nature of your spouse too.

I will continue writing about divisional charts mainly navamsa putting light on key points which are losing their importance due to fast food astrology served to clients.

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