Since time immemorial we have been following the customs and traditions and slowly they have become part and parcel of our life. These determine the essence around which our values revolve. But someday all of a sudden when these customs are questioned by the supreme highest law bidding authority then where shall we express our views?

Whom shall we contact? The supreme court of India has put a restriction on conducting Lord Jagannath procession in Odisha with the rationality that the people can’t stop themselves from visiting Rath Yatra and gathering of any kind will explode the pandemic further. But what I enquire is, why our law governing body cannot ban religious ceremony of any other religion? I am a sensible citizen who respects the law and order of our country but I am also a hardcore religious person who respects our tradition too. If there is even the slight doubt about gathering in the procession of the Lord Jagannath then it should not be allowed freely in this crisis but there is always a bridge between tradition and law, the need is only to put effort to find or build that bridge.

Why it is convenient for the judiciary to put restrictions on Hindu traditions? Of the late, it is becoming quite frequent and normal to undermine Hindu traditions and values. Why? Are we not the citizens of this democratic nation? I agree that the crowd will increase corona infection but can’t only priests be allowed to carry out the procession under strict administrative control? There could be police force present so that people, even if they want to watch the ceremony, can be restricted to gather. There is always a way, the need is only to find it.

The Rath Yatra is associated with our faith and banning it like breaking our belief. When such restrictions were not imposed on other religious functions then why such restrictions on our traditions? The values we cherish should not be banned, there is always a solution and any decision should be taken after considering the feelings of citizens of India. I vouch for the procession to carried on with a high degree of security and with 4 priests, I vouch for not breaking our tradition and carrying it successfully with all the restrictions of Covid-19 imposed by the government.

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