Janmashtami, A time for New Beginning

4 min readAug 3, 2020

Janmashtami, the birth of Shree Krishna, is a special occasion for all the devotees of Almighty. Krishna was born in prison, was separate from His mother, got the affection of a deemed mother, loved by all, played and did mischievous things all His childhood, and grew up as a responsible adult. Whole His life He taught us to struggle and fight for what is right, he taught us to make wise decisions.

The Dilemma

We are in the 21st century where we all are technology freak, daily we face a mini-war of ‘What and Should’ inside our mind. What will happen if we make this decision? Or should we ask our boss for a hike in salary? This and many more such dilemmas surround us but shall we let confusion enter us or decide firmly? Krishna, the epitome of human has taught us to make situations favourable by working hard. Don’t complain, instead, if you want something, work hard to get it.

Lessons from the Life of Lord Krishna

Centuries ago Lord Krishna gave us the wisdom to decide wisely. He acted as a friend, as a moral compass and a philosopher for his friends, to all those who met him in his life, irrespective of if they were his elders, peers or younger to him. He taught first to win the war of mind then take action. He taught us to formulate strategies and then act firmly on it. He grew up without formal education, went to sage’s ashram at the age of 16, but he never complained to anybody, never lost hope or surrendered himself on the mercy of the situation.

Inculcate Spirituality

Shree Krishna handed to us a rare and precious handbook of life, compiled in all the verses of Bhagwat Gita. He enlightened us that any uncertainty of mind can be resolved with spiritual practice such as meditation. Meditation helps to gain clarity of thoughts and enables us to have a collected mind. It may take some effort and time in the beginning but in the end, one will start having a bird’s eye view of the situation.

Act without Expecting

When we look deeply into the life of Shree Krishna we learn to act without expecting anything in return, its Nishkam karma. He teaches us to focus on efforts and not on results, and if we follow this rule then our efforts will be more meaningful, sincere and collective and we will appreciate the reward more.

Lens of Camera

Shree Krishna taught us to become the lens of a camera, the lens that considers everyone equally, the lens that teaches us to have a similar equation with everyone. A person can be our son, parent or someone whom we love dearly but our feelings shouldn’t hover over our decision. Virtue is the key. Don’t make life decisions with the weight of feelings on your shoulder. Decide what is right and for the best for everybody. Have a larger perspective.

A Cool Mind

The Lord also taught us to handle situations coolly, to de-stress ourselves. Spend time with your family members or with the people you love. Give yourself a ‘me-time’. A stress-free mind makes life a pleasant path to walk, it helps us to enjoy every moment.

Changes are part of life

Accept the change. The life of Lord Krishna is the perfect example of it. His life changed many courses, took many directions but He accepted all those changes happily. Be open to all the new views; give your thoughts a wing. Plan properly, execute your plans, be flexible and adaptive, change as the situation requires and improvise your plans as you go forward.

Have Faith

Act with faith in your heart. Even if you are doing some charity, kindness or taking some decisions in family matters or it is a professional decision. Whatever you decide, decide with truthfulness and belief in yourself. If this is done, then success will always be yours.

Be Noble, Act Noble

Shree Krishna taught us to be noble and set high standards in our life. He encouraged us to move towards a greater level in life, to learn from all those people who can teach us, to accept failure, aim for success and keep growing in life, and most important to connect with your true self. Every individual has free-will but Lord Krishna encourages us to live a de-stressed life, a life full of happiness and motivation.

This year the Janmashtami falls on 12th August 2020. Let us take the vow to walk to the path followed by Shree Krishna himself and become a better human being.




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