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Jupiter has already transited into sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is the debilitated sign for the Jupiter. The Jupiter doesn’t like to be in the strict discipline of Saturn. Capricorn is pessimistic, rigid and hard-working sign. Therefore, the optimistic, gentle and caring Jupiter doesn’t really like this gloomy journey in Capricorn. The excessive disciplined nature of Capricorn doesn’t suit the happy go lucky planet of cosmos.So, does it mean that this transit will be bad for entire world population?

We shouldn’t label any planets transit good or bad just by knowing that the sign doesn’t match its nature. It is important to delve deep into the energies that a planet carries, nakshatras it occupies and conjunction it makes throughout its transit.Jupiter will be in the company of Shani Mahraj i.e., Saturn throughout the transit. This will keep a check on excessive optimism and promote balanced decision-making approach. However, the exact conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn will hurt the overall sentiments at global level related to finances, religious beliefs, cultures etc.

Jupiter and Saturn are aspecting the 4th sign of zodiac Cancer, which is first moksha house in the chart. It is also the house related to mother, house, fixed assets and internal happiness. This transit will have penultimate effect on your internal self and give a chance to cleanse the dirt of bad emotions and karmas from the storehouse. You can transform your perceptions to look for right things and Currently, Jupiter is transiting Uttarashada nakshatra which is ruled by Sun.

The nakshatra is closely related to Shri Ganesh and therefore it gives the gift of invincible victory. Jupiter may feel that it is laying on a hard bed of rocks and thus, it is not able to enjoy its journey of life. Jupiter is used to live a comfortable life living the fortunes of past good deeds but entering the territory of Saturn made him think about hardships of life ahead. Therefore, the person develops more of business intelligence to fulfill the desires and tries to work hard inspite of an inner feeling of lack of luck. Jupiter needs to give sacrifices for adjusting in this zone.

Jupiter will then be transiting over Shravana nakshatra which is ruled by moon. The nakshatra has deep relation with Lord Vishnu especially the Vamana avatar of Lord Vishnu. This will be a very important part of Jupiter transit especially for meditation and reading scriptures. Being silent and listening the scriptures will be a power package for Jupiter. The soul now searches for lost wisdom and the natural beneficence of Jupiter starts coming back during this period. The eternal wisdom of Jupiter will come back and the spirits of masses will be uplifted.

Jupiter will be transiting Dhanishta nakshatra in end. The time will be boon for musicians and the singers around the world. Many creative geniuses in the field of music will pop up and you might witness creative talent booming during this period. It’s a good time for financial recovery too as Dhanishta is ruled by Ashtavasus. The word ‘DHANISHTA’ itself means wealthy in mind and spirit. This nakshatra will gift you with both material and spiritual wealth. Jupiter is good friend of mars and thus, supports the significations of this nakshatra.

Musical Instruments such as flute and drum are connected to this nakshatra. Flute is related to Lord Krishna and drum is related to Lord Shiva. The connection to both Vishnu and Shiva clearly symbolizes Dhanishta’s connection to divine music.The nakshatras embedded in the sign gives birth to many new themes and events in life. Therefore, for deciphering the results of transit, analyzing nakshatras become more important. The next upcoming months are very crucial as there will be lot of transformations in the cosmos. So, you need to be well aware to take good decisions, stay calm and take maximum advantage of the upcoming transits.

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