Jupiter Retrograde 2022 Predictions

As per astrology, Planet Jupiter is the most auspicious planet among all the 9 planets in Vedic astrology. Planet Jupiter’s superior position in horoscope gives prosperity, happiness and good married life. If Jupiter is in good position in a person’s Kundali, then the person gets success in every field. Such person is more inclined towards culture and religion. Jupiter Transit 2022 will affect the people of all the zodiac signs.

Jupiter Retrograde 2022 dates and Time:

Last month, on 24th February 2022, the Jupiter planet was set and Now again, on 26th March at 6.38 pm in the evening, Jupiter will rise. As per Astrology, as soon as the Jupiter sets, its effect starts decreasing, due to which it has influence mostly on the natives, with 2022 Jupiter transit of rise, a lot of people’s fate will change. Most of the tasks will be successful. Let us discuss how Jupiter’s rise in Aquarius will affect other zodiac signs.

Jupiter Transit 2022 to 2023 predictions are as follows:

Jupiter Retro 2022 Aries:

  • For Aries, Jupiter in 2022 will be lying in the eleventh house
  • Aries peoples will see a boon in career and financial growth
  • During Jupiter transit 2022 April month, luck will be in your complete favor
  • There will be a boost in your confidence
  • Jupiter Retrograde 2022 is not less than a blessing for Aries’ people

Jupiter transit 2022 Retrograde Taurus:

  • For Taurus people, Jupiter is the lord of eleventh and 8th house and it will be located in the 10th house
  • Foreign visit is possible for Taurus natives and a great progress in career is expected
  • Taurus people can take risks in business opportunities and risk taking can be favorable for them
  • Jupiter Gochar 2022 may lead to bones related problems for Taurus People
  • Jupiter rising festival 2022 time will be best time to convert your love into a successful marriage

Jupiter transit 2022 for Leo ascendant:

  • For Leo natives, Jupiter is the lord of fifth and eight house and Jupiter’s set is happening in 7th house.
  • There are good chances that Leo people will see better results in their career
  • Leo people may see unexpected profits in their business
  • Relationship talks will be successful
  • Bonding and support from your friends, in-laws and partner will improve and bring happiness into your life.

Jupiter Transit 2022 for Libra:

  • For Libra natives, Jupiter is the lord of third and sixth house and Jupiter’s rise is happening in fifth house.
  • Fifth house is for job, career and learning. Jupiter Gochar 2022 will be beneficial in every aspect for Libra people
  • Libra people may encounter Business expansion related opportunities
  • Healthwise, stability will prevail
  • Students preparing for Competitive Exams will face huge success
  • Working Professionals will also benefit from 2022 Jupiter Transit

Jupiter Transit in 2022 for Capricorn:

  • For Capricorn natives, Jupiter is the lord of twelfth and third house and Jupiter’s rise is happening in second house.
  • Your Financial situation will improve, and you will get a lot of chances to earn money.
  • Family problems will be resolved with your patience
  • In case of health, good news is expected. If some of your family member is suffering form a chronic illness, you may get a positive news related to their health
  • For property related issues, Court decisions may result in your favor




Vedic Astro-Numerologist l Karmic Healer l VastuShastri | Spiritual Coach I Sharing Deeper Spiritual Insights With World

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Gkm Astrology - Gajanan Krishna Maharaj

Gkm Astrology - Gajanan Krishna Maharaj

Vedic Astro-Numerologist l Karmic Healer l VastuShastri | Spiritual Coach I Sharing Deeper Spiritual Insights With World

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