Jupiter Retrograde 2022 Predictions

  • For Aries, Jupiter in 2022 will be lying in the eleventh house
  • Aries peoples will see a boon in career and financial growth
  • During Jupiter transit 2022 April month, luck will be in your complete favor
  • There will be a boost in your confidence
  • Jupiter Retrograde 2022 is not less than a blessing for Aries’ people
  • For Taurus people, Jupiter is the lord of eleventh and 8th house and it will be located in the 10th house
  • Foreign visit is possible for Taurus natives and a great progress in career is expected
  • Taurus people can take risks in business opportunities and risk taking can be favorable for them
  • Jupiter Gochar 2022 may lead to bones related problems for Taurus People
  • Jupiter rising festival 2022 time will be best time to convert your love into a successful marriage
  • For Leo natives, Jupiter is the lord of fifth and eight house and Jupiter’s set is happening in 7th house.
  • There are good chances that Leo people will see better results in their career
  • Leo people may see unexpected profits in their business
  • Relationship talks will be successful
  • Bonding and support from your friends, in-laws and partner will improve and bring happiness into your life.
  • For Libra natives, Jupiter is the lord of third and sixth house and Jupiter’s rise is happening in fifth house.
  • Fifth house is for job, career and learning. Jupiter Gochar 2022 will be beneficial in every aspect for Libra people
  • Libra people may encounter Business expansion related opportunities
  • Healthwise, stability will prevail
  • Students preparing for Competitive Exams will face huge success
  • Working Professionals will also benefit from 2022 Jupiter Transit
  • For Capricorn natives, Jupiter is the lord of twelfth and third house and Jupiter’s rise is happening in second house.
  • Your Financial situation will improve, and you will get a lot of chances to earn money.
  • Family problems will be resolved with your patience
  • In case of health, good news is expected. If some of your family member is suffering form a chronic illness, you may get a positive news related to their health
  • For property related issues, Court decisions may result in your favor



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