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Jupiter Saturn Double Transit – 23rd November 2020

Are you longing for a transformation in your life from past many years?

Do you want to fix your relationships and start a journey?

Are you considering a big career move or complete career transition in 2020?

Well, the best transit of 2020 is coming near. The two most crucial planets with opposite qualities will have a party in 10th house of Capricorn on 23rd November. Probably, a different supper will be prepared for all the people who have rented their place on this planet from almighty. In reality, this is no common cosmic change. Everything in this cosmos is energy which vibrates in different form. Jupiter and Saturn represent two opposite energies of expansion and contraction. The coming together of these energies will paint a different picture in the upcoming months.

From astrological perspective, we should also consider that dharma karaka (the giver of dharma) and the karma karaka (the planet who rules karmas) are coming together. It is like priest is sitting with a hardworking man who works 10–15 hrs a day. Due to this, we are forced to take right approach both in dharma and karmas. No matter what, it is the best time to clean your sins. Therefore, we advise that you should perform good deeds as well as fulfill your responsibilities towards your family, nation and society. This is the major theme for attaining success during this transit

Many people might think that Jupiter is debilitated (weak-not in happiest state), then nothing good can happen. This is not true and Jupiter will definitely deliver its fruits depending upon your personal chart. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, intelligence and spirituality. In the sign of Capricorn, Jupiter provides business intelligence. Therefore, many prominent businessmen have debilitated Jupiter.

Key points of this transit

  • Justice will prevail all over the world. There will be lot of improvement in the legal scenario. At personal level, you will be involved in understanding your rights and duties. Legislation is the keyword here.
  • • The fear of coronavirus will fade down more and things will come to normal. The recovery rate will also increase drastically with cases inching down largely.
  • • People who have strong mars or Sun in the chart will experience good fruits.
  • • This transit can trigger major career and relationship changes for many individuals. You need to imbibe the values like hard work and responsibility. Giving donations, taking care of family and showing gratitude towards God can be really helpful.

The results of this transit are profound and it will vary according to your personal birth charts. If you want to know the personalized results of this transit on your life, do contact us at + 91 9966667290, +91 8985195822 for the consultation.

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