Jupiter transit back to Capricorn (Sept 14- 20th Nov 2021)

The planet of luck and prosperity is all set to enter (retrograde back) its debilitated sign of Capricorn on September 14.This transit of Jupiter is critical as it will be fallen in Virgo navamsha in the sign of Capricorn. This showcases how the deep routed troubles in business and finances will come to the surface as Jupiter, the divine planet will feel suffocated here. The planet Jupiter gets debilitated in the earthy sign of Capricorn, therefore it never feels comfortable in the Taurus- Virgo- Capricorn trine. With Jupiter retrograding back here and making conjunctions with Saturn, world may witness surge in terrorist activities and diseases, gloom in business arenas and fall in stock markets too. Also the sign Virgo is completely opposite to the spiritual sign of Pisces which is owned by Jupiter.

This further re-iterates the push and pull between material and spiritual forces in the world. There might be lack of peace as natural calamities and man-made disasters may make things worse for humanity. The Taliban’s hostile takeover over Afghanistan will take a worse turn and India might also lose much in business sense with new developments. Jupiter is 8th lord of India’s chart and its placement in 9th house is not a welcome sign. There might be a big fall in stock markets during this time as Jupiter in affliction is ruining the business and financial prospects largely. It is also highly possible that the delta version of corona-virus might force the authorities to announce lockdown due to upsurge in cases.

Therefore, we should take utmost care to safeguard over selves from any type of infection and undertake proper precautions also. Earthquakes and landslides cannot be ruled out as Jupiter is in connection with Saturn in the earthy sign and may make masses suffer due to multiple afflictions.Rahu sitting in other earthy sign of Taurus will only make things worse as the trine of 2–6–10 will have huge energy with malefic influence.

To conclude, we would only say that Jupiter’s transit in Capricorn is not a good transit and may deliver bad results on personal and global front. The world needs to beware of threats it can pose and fight with strength until it moves to Aquarius. In upcoming articles, we will discuss the effects of Jupiter’s transit in Aquarius.

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