Jupiter Transit In Aquarius- Effect on all Zodiac

Jupiter, the planet of dharma and prosperity is entering the 11th house of zodiac i.e., Aquarius where it does extremely well. The philanthropic nature of this sign coupled with innovation goes well with expansionist nature of Jupiter. It will be era of transformation with new ideas in the mainstream. The IT industry will show many wonders through new inventions and path-breaking research. Philanthropy will be change the world for good promoting welfare of all.As the changes are quite interesting on global level, let’s see how the Jupiter transit on April 6,2021 will impact all the moon-signs:

Aries: Jupiter, the most benefic planet for your lagna will is transiting the 11th house of your chart. Its excellent time for enjoying the fruits of good health. Jupiter is the karaka of wealth and its transit through house of gains will definitely make money flow smooth and consistent. Your professional and personal circle will expand manifold.

Taurus: It will remain posited in your tenth house of career, profession, status, honor, fame, rise, position, and prestige. Don’t take hasty decisions for wealth and profession. It will be the best period in terms of health as you will feel quite energized and optimistic to pursue new tasks.

Gemini: It will bring plethora of opportunities for people in business field. Its best time to travel across the globe. But you need to take care of health as it might cause stomach related issues. Children can shine in education especially at school level.

Cancer: You may be relieved from the prolonged ongoing health issues. The students who wish to fly abroad for professional or education can get work visa or education visa. However, the time is not good for financial matters as you may get tough time due to high expenses.

Leo: Jupiter in 7th house is good for partnership business and committed relationships. However, you should make any investment in stock market as it will not reap good results. You may travel to religious centres and attain blessings.

Virgo: Jupiter will transit from 6th house of enemies and debt. You may not get desired results at workplace. However, it is best for married life as you both will keep all grudges and issues at side. You may face stomach and intestine related issues during this period.

Libra: People investing in stock market will get desired results. This will be a phase of ups and downs in relationship as Jupiter is not a benefic. You need to take care of your health by drinking plenty of water. It’s a good time for travel. However, try to remain silent as your silence will reap good results.

Scorpio: Jupiter is transiting 4th house of happiness and immovable assets. It’s a very good time for married couples as it will open up new opportunities for good investments. If there any pending issues related to property, they will get resolved. Jupiter brings plenty of inner happiness and satisfaction during this time.

Saggitarius: The time is fruitful for people in educational field as there passion will help them earn good reputation. You might be facing a lot of struggles from past 4–5 years due to sade sati but this Jupiter transit has brought winds of transformation on all spheres. You can also tie the knot and gain financially during this time. Religious travels are on cards.

Capricorn: There is a requirement to balance your expenditure and income otherwise you might get in big trouble. You may have to depend upon your savings for daily expenditures. Take good care of health especially throat region. Your sweet words can do wonders and mend your relations with family members.

Aquarius: Jupiter is 2nd and 11th lord for Aquarius ascendants and therefore the karaka for wealth. Its transit over ascendant shows the most optimistic scenario for finances. Jupiter will bless you with magnificent personality and knowledge during this time. The last few months were difficult owing to un-necessary expenditures and professional issues. But you will escape any major ailments and financial crisis during this time.

Pisces: Jupiter is transiting 12th house of foreign settlement and spirituality. Take care of your expenses and don’t lend money to anyone. There is an inherent opportunity for business expansion with foreign clients. Students can get success in competitive exams. There may be arguments with spouse over un-necessary expenditures.


As we know that Jupiter is a planet governing wealth, children, marriage and long term happiness, therefore transit of Jupiter is a major phenomenon can trigger many important events in your life and thus,its important to plan this transit with an experienced astrologer. Feel free to contact us for Jupiter transit report and remedies at 9966667290, 8985195822.



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