Jupiter Transit In Pisces 2022 : Predictions For All Zodiac

4 min readMar 8, 2022

Jupiter will shift to its own sign Pisces on 13 April,2022 bringing enormous blessings and rewards for all. The sign of pisces is natural 12th house of zodiac and thus indicating feet of Kaalpurusha. One simple remedy of this transit for all lagnas is to keep your feet clean and touch feet of all elders. As Jupiter is transiting its own sign, it can give abundance, happiness and gift of education and children. Lets see what it has in store for you-

Aries: Your poorvapunya will earn you name and fame in society especially in organizations and business-offices which are aware from your home land. Happiness from home and family is guaranteed during this time. Some unexpected gains and foreign travels might come up .Its time to immerse your soul in waters of spirituality as it will go on to repair a lot of karmic imbalance!

Taurus : An excellent time period for Taurus moon/ascendant as Jupiter is transiting house of gains. Sudden unexpected gain from inheritance, share market, lottery also expected. Your friend circle will expand. Marriage is also on cards and if you are already married, then u might get blessed with progeny. Give guidance to your siblings as it is their time in life to prosper. Gains from short travels and business opportunities from foreign land also expected.

Gemini: Expansion of business or restructuring is on cards for Gemini natives and it will be highly fruitful opening new income streams and opportunities. In case you are in service, invest your efforts in long drawn projects which will be beneficial later in your life. Good business decisions can lead to financial prosperity .Its good time to restructure your wealth too .Change the structure of your portfolio for good income in upcoming year. Its good to buy new home and invest in real estate properties. Construction of home can also be undertaken.

Cancer: Jupiter in 9th house will give great interest in religious matters and spirituality. Good time for childbirth and progeny in general. Gaining knowledge, learning new skills or starting for a post graduate programme is highly recommended .Your personality will outgrow your previous version and you will be honoured as wise human in society. Do honour elders and your gurus during this time for good results.

Leo: You can get good windfall gains from the investments done before. Inheritances and gains from spouse’s family can actually make flow lot of money in your wallet. As Jupiter is aspecting 12th house, regular donations or helping people out of generosity in any form is advocated. Any celebration at home front or joyous environment with good moments will be witnessed. Embrace spirtuality for best results. Dont let your selfishness overshadow the major purpose of life!

Virgo:Jupiter transiting your 7th house aspecting lagna can give immense confidence and security. However, presence of sun at start of transit will give you soft attitude towards things. Its a time to inititate new things in a structural way as saturn will also be casting impact on 3rd house scorpio for April-July. For witnessing a boost in finances, focus on few things rather than going for everything coming in way. The choices you make will give you success!

Libra: Jupiter in 6th house gives you an opportunity to expand business and rebuild business lines for prosperity. However, it can give few health issues which can be regularised by change in diet and other food habits. Promotion or salary hike is on cards for pisces natives and if you are unemployed, then new opportunities will also come your way!

Scorpio: Jupiter is transiting the 5th house of education. This might be a period for transformations at home place as you might renovate your home and students might move away from home for joining their college. Success in academic pursuits is guaranteed with Jupiter’s bliss. Also, this time is immensely beneficial for material gains and abundance in life. The bond with your children will get deeper with this placement and they will outshine everyone in career!

Sagittarius: Jupiter is transiting your 4th house giving opportunity to build excellent relationships with family members and relatives at home place. Students will perform well in examination and outshine competitors. A good time to renovate homes and buy new vehicles!

Capricorn: Jupiter in 3rd house can kick start new entrepreneurial ventures but with few challenges as it debilitates in lagna and placed in marana-karakasthana. But due to own house placements, it will make you quite lucky in personal and professional matters. Unmarried people have opportunity to get married during this time by finding a suitable match!

Aquarius: Jupiter in 2nd house will promote financial stability and expand your portfolios. A very good time to expand business or start new endeavours with the support of your family members. This might be the time when legacies might come your way and inherited properties will also be part of your wealth!

Pisces: It is a great period for pisces natives as Jupiter, lagna lord transiting your lagna will bring you lot of luck and popularity too. Your children may seek security from you and they will perform well. Optimism will help you overcome challenges in professional and personal level. Students will enjoy a favorable period as they will excel in your careers.




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