Jupiter Transits Capricorn -20th November 2020

8 min readNov 1, 2020

The transit of Jupiter is an important phenomenon in the cosmos having deep rooted effect on our finances, job and personal life.

Jupiter is going to enter the house of Capricorn. Many people around us are thinking that Jupiter is entering in debilitation sign therefore its impact will be bad. But it’s not at all true as the sign lord of Capricorn Saturn is also sitting in 10th house of chart. This will surely give power to Jupiter. The only thing which we all need to stress upon is that we should not choose unethical means for power and authority during this transit. This transit is giving us an opportunity to lessen the load of the karmic baggage carried forward from past many births. Our connection with the divine and relation with our consciousness will definitely weave a glorious path ahead in this journey.

Some important dates of Jupiter transit in 2020–21

Jupiter transit in Capricorn: November 20, 2020, to April 6, 2021.

Jupiter transit in Aquarius: April 6, 2021, to June 20, 2021.

Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius: June 20, 2021, to September 14, 2021.

Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn: September 14, 2021, to October 18, 2021.

Jupiter Progressive in Capricorn: October 18, 2021, to November 21, 2021.

Jupiter Progressive in Aquarius: November 21, 2021, to April 13, 2022

The transit of Jupiter is an important phenomenon in the cosmos having deep rooted effect on our finances, job and personal life. This can be the time when your fortunes can take an optimistic turn gifting you a good relationship, job or overall prosperity. Many of life problems may get solved or even new problems may arise due to this transit. Therefore, you should surely check its effects on your life.

Here are the zodiac wise predictions for Jupiter’s transit in Capricorn. For personalised transit report, you can contact us at the address given at the end.


Formation of Rajyoga in 10th house of your chart with natural 9th and 10th lord coming together. You might get more active in career but you may desire lot of transformations in your work life. These transformations will actually take place when Jupiter will transit Saravana Nakshatra. Working hard is the key to success for this transit.

Remedy — Reading Vishnu Sahasranam and chanting Hanuman Chalisa regularly.


Jupiter is transiting the 9th house with the 9th lord Saturn placed there. The union will be powerful for studies abroad and international opportunities. Its good time to enjoy memorable moments with your friends. Relation with siblings will improve a lot. Personal development and learning new life skills is on cards due to aspect on ascendant.

Remedy — Serving Disabled & weaker section of the society, Donating for a religious cause or offering Sewa at a temple/Church or Gurudwara will also help you to attract good opportunities.


The Jupiter Saturn duo are collaborating their energy in 8nd house of chart. The 8th house governs occult studies, mysticism, secret matters, hidden wealth etc. It is a good time to fill applications for higher education courses at foreign lands and other states. Jupiter can also gift you abroad settlement and gains if Venus is cordially placed in your chart. New career opportunities may come up especially from companies with foreign base or foreign clients in your business.

Remedy — Reading Sri Bhagavatam and Chanting Vishnu Mantras. You can also donate religious scriptures and books to temples or priests.


This transit will bring yourself and your spouse at forefront. You need to take care of your relationship with your spouse and business partners. Don’t let monotony and the slow pace of things hurt your feelings. Be patient to get good fruits. Changes in partnership business with new opportunities can be seen. You may get connected with new friends due to Jupiter’s impact on 11th house.

Remedy — Fasting on Purnima Tithi and praying to Lord Vishnu will confer good results.


This transit will bring debt, diseases and workplace environment on focus. You need to take care of your bones and restrain from becoming lethargic. Taking huge amount of debt will actually put you in a troublesome situation. You might get a transfer from your current job location or there can be significant changes at workplace.

Remedy — Chant AdityaHrudyam Strotam and pray to Sun God for warding off the evil effects.


The upcoming time will bring transformations for your children in all spheres of their life. You may try to formulate too many judgements in your love life which might disturb your relations with your love-mate. This is the perfect time for nurturing the love relationships with little caution. The time is ripe for a new love mate entering your life with new energy.

Remedy -Worship Lord Vishnu and take blessings from elders


This transit will bring a good prosperous period for libra ascendant or moon sign. Your domestic life will get enriched with lots of happiness and positivity. This is overall a good time for finances, buying properties, relationship with spouse and siblings. It’s a good time to move to foreign countries and other states in the same country too. You may get new opportunities or face transforming events in one’s career. If you are interested in studying law or any occult subject, it’s a good time to initiate it.

Remedy — Donate for a noble cause at some religious institution.


Jupiter will give good relationship with siblings. Change of residence due to education or job is also possible. It will be quite transformative time as Jupiter is transiting your 3rd house (8th from 8th house). You might also get good educational opportunities due to its aspect on 9th house. Visting spiritual or holy places is also on cards. You might feel to soften your efforts as Jupiter in 3rd house look for comforts but you should rather enhance the good work to reap fruits in near future.

Remedy — Visit holy places and take bath in holy rivers.


This transit will activate dhana-sthana and family house of Sagittarius ascendant. The time is good for people who are expecting progeny. This transit will be surely better than the previous transit of Jupiter. You will enjoy blissful and auspicious moments with loved ones. Your financial position will also become better with steady flow of finances. This is the best time to mend your relationship with your siblings and relatives.

Remedy — Reading Vedic scriptures and chanting mantras is best remedy for you.


Jupiter is 3rd and 12th lord transiting your ascendant/moon lagna. This time might not be favorable for finances and you have to toil hard to get desired success. There may be obstructions in the path if you are getting married. However, Jupiter in lagna is always good for spirituality and reputation in society. Even if you are not on spiritual path, this transit will actually make you spiritual.

Remedy — Meditation is best remedy for you. Don’t forget to honor your elders.


This transit can trigger heavy expenditures for you. But you might reap good fruits in form of knowledge and spiritual consciousness during this transit. If natal Jupiter is strong, then it might give you gains from foreign lands. Rahu is already present in your 4th house which indicates that you will not settle at one place and crave for more learnings. Also, expenditures are not always bad rather they may open new channels for opportunities and progress in life.

Remedy — Give donations to priests and temples as time is good to get rid of bad karma


Your ascendant lord is transiting your 11th house of your chart. Support of your friend circle and gains in business is on cards. Overall, this is a very favorable time for prosperity, happiness and marriage. Good health and good love life are also indicated. This transit can fill your life with optimism but you should also note that Jupiter is in debilitation and conjunction with Saturn. Therefore, the benefits will be at slower pace but you will surely gain.

Remedy -Worship Lord Vishnu (Matsya avatar)

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