Know auspicious days for hair cutting

3 min readOct 27, 2021


Do you know , cutting your hair on a favorable day can. make hairs healthier, thick and long. Maintaining preferred days for hair cut will not effect the energy flow in your body. On specific neutral day our body energies are balanced and do not have any positive or negative effect.

- If you trim your hair on a unfavorable day, it may cause you hair loss and slow down hair growth. Negative impact will be there.

Key Recommendations:

- You are advised to trim your hair during the growing moon. This will accelerate your hair growth.

- If you cut your hair on waning moon, this may reduce your hair growth. But simultaneously this will strengthen the hair roots. You will have less hair fall problems.

- Most importantly, you must not cut your hair after having meal.

- There are 30 tithis in lunar calendar, this are called the lunar days. They are further divided into two periods of 15 days. In each two periods,the lunar days are unfavorable for hair cut. These are 4th, 9th and 14th day and the amavasya.

- It is prohibited not to cut your hair on full moon, 6th lunar day. And it also inauspicious on Surya- Sankranti when the sun transit from one zodiac sign to another.

- The behaviour of your barber is equally important. His attitude towards you must be gentle. It is recommended in astrology to choose hairdresser from the same gender of yours.

- Haircutting must be completed within 6:00 am in the morning till 11:45 in the moon. This is exceptional at Holy places like Tirupathi, Prayag & Varanasi, etc.

- Always start with shaving and then cut you’re your hair, this will bring fortune.

- Following Thithi must be avoided for haircutting or nail chopping is Chaturthi, Shasti, Ashtami, Navami, Ekadashi, Amavasya & Poornima.


On Sunday, we worship the sun god and lord Surya Dev. It is said in Mahabharata that cutting hair or nails on this day indicates destruction of wealth, prosperity, and mental health. This will work against Dharma.


According to Hinduism, monday or sombar is associated with the moon. The moon has direct effect on human psyche. It is definitely prohibited as it will deeply negative effect the one’s mental health and even children’s health.

Tuesday-Very Very Bad

Shaving beard, trimming nails or cutting hairs is highly inauspicious on Tuesday because this can shorten your life span.

Wednesday -Excellent

If you cut your hair and nails on Wednesday, it will bring wealth and happiness to you. This day is auspicious. This can be the secret of your happy life and success.


Thursday or guruvar is associated with lord Vishnu. On this of you cut your hair, maa laxmi will be offended by you. This is a dishonor to her.


Friday is considered as the day of glamor. You can definitely go for this day as the day is associated with the planet Venus, the planet of beauty. Therefore, on this auspicious day if you cut your hair, you will receive fortune, wealth and fame.


Saturday is an average day. But in few shastra’s it mentioned not to cut hair or nails on this day, as it may bring death or sudden accident.

-Also, you should not chop your hair on any inauspicious day, new moon day or full moon day because the raja tama predominant waves are highly active in the atmosphere.

- Never cut your hair after the sunset.

- Avoid cutting your hair on festival days like Navaratri, ramnavami, hanuman jayanti.




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