Know What Astrology Says About Settling in Foreign Land

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Settling or visiting a foreign land has always been sought after by Indians. People want to pay abroad for numerous reasons, including looking for a better life, higher education, optimum use of one’s skill and potential, etc. Our astrology can predict if you will settle or visit a foreign land. It’s already written in the horoscope.

You just need someone to read it. The conjunction and union of planets and cosmic bodies in the horoscope might enable you to visit or settle in a foreign land for various reasons and purposes.

What are the things to see in the horoscope for the possibility of foreign travel?

1st house — 1 means ascendant, 3rd house means short journey, 7th house means business trip, 8th house means sea travel, 9th house means long journey, 12th house means foreign travel.

Planets — Air travel from Rahu and Saturn, travel by water from Moon and Jupiter.

Ascendant zodiac — It has been described in Vedic astrology that all the 12 zodiac signs are of three natures according to their motion — movable, stable, and dual nature. People with movable zodiacs find it appropriate to walk regularly or keep moving.

People with stable zodiac feel relaxed in working in one place. People with dual natures have different times for roaming around and working by sitting in one place. According to astrological calculations, if the planets belonging to 1–3–9–12 houses sit in movable signs in a person’s horoscope, that person travels more.

Few Combinations For Abroad Travel :

- Suppose the lord of the 12th house, i.e., a foreign house, sits with the ascendant. The ascendant lord and the lord of the 9th house, i.e., lord of a long journey, have interchanged their places. In that case, it provides good opportunities for foreign travel.

- Apart from this, if there is also a change in the zodiac sign of the ascendant lord, Sun, and lord of the ninth house, Mars, it allows settling in a foreign country. There is a mutual relationship among the lords of 3–9–12 houses in some Dasha or Antardasha. The person often gets a chance to travel abroad.

- If cruel planets like Mars and Rahu are placed in the 12th house, and the lord of the 12th house makes an aspect relationship with the ascendant, then there will be chances of traveling abroad.

- Whenever Dasha Mahadashas form a relationship between 10–12 houses, ​​the person travels abroad. Suppose there is a mutual relationship between the lords of the 4th-12th house and any malefic influence on the fourth house. In that case, permanent settlement in a foreign country is possible.

- The mutual relationship of the lords of the 7th-12th house and the relationship of the lord of ascendant with Rahu Ketu takes the person to a foreign country after marriage.

- The mutual relationship between the 5th-12th house and the relationship of the lord of the 5th house with Rahu creates the possibility of going abroad for education.

- Relationships between 9th-12 houses can take the person abroad for a business or religious trip (pilgrimage).

- When Rahu forms a relationship with 1–10–12 houses, and the lord of the ascendant himself is in the 12th house, one goes to a foreign land.

- If Venus is situated in the 6th, 7th, or 8th house of the horoscope and Rahu is situated in the 1st, 7th, or 8th house of the horoscope, then one gets the pleasure of going abroad.

It becomes clear from the various astrological unions, conjunctions, and examples above that if multiple planets form the said yogas in a person’s horoscope, the person goes abroad, irrespective of the reason.

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