Lunar Eclipse : 8th NOV 2022

Lunar Eclipse Starts (With Moonrise) – 05:32 PM

Lunar Eclipse Ends – 06:26 PM

Sutak Begins – 05:31 AM

Sutak Ends – 06:26 PM

Sutak for Kids, Old and Sick Begins – 03:48 PM (All IST Time)

Those who can not chant anything must listen to the ‘Chandra Shekhar Ashtakam’ during the time of Sutak or during the Lunar eclipse time as much as you wish.

Some Basic Rules :

- Pregnant women are advised to stay indoors during the duration of the lunar eclipse, away from the rays of event. Well, if there is even a slight doubt and worry in your head regarding this, it is best to stay indoor – at least it will not be stressful for the mother-to-be and her family.

- Do not use any sharp object during the time of the eclipse. Avoid using scissors, knives or needles.

- Avoid eating anything during the eclipse.

- Make sure that you cover the windows with thick curtains so that no rays from the eclipse enter the home.

- Make sure that you discard any cooked food before the eclipse.

- It is advised to take a shower before and after the eclipse is over.

- It is said that pregnant women.

should not even have water during the eclipse.

Eclipse Time For Some Major Cities Of World-

- Atlanta (USA):

Starts : 03:10 Am

Ends: 06:45 Am

- Kathmandu (Nepal):

Starts-05:16 PM

Ends – 06:33 PM

- Manila (Philippines):

Starts : – 05:23 PM

Ends – 08:48 PM

- Toronto (Canada):

Starts – 04:10 AM

Ends – 07:06 AM

- Melbourne (Australia)

Lunar Starts – 08:10 PM

Lunar Ends – 11:48 PM

- Tokyo (Japan)

Starts – 06:10 PM

Ends – 09:48 PM

- Kuala Lumpur

Starts – 06:57 PM

Ends – 08:48 PM

- Washington, D.C.

Starts – 04:10 AM

Ends – 06:45 AM

-Detroit (USA)

Starts – 04:10 AM

Ends – 07:18 AM

- Mexico City

Starts – 03:10 AM

Ends – 06:44 AM

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