Mercury Rahu Conjunction

Mercury, the planet of communications and intelligence is all set to enter the sign of Taurus on 30th April. Mercury will stay there till 25th May and then move to Gemini for 1 week, retrograding back to taurus afterwards for a long stay till 6th July,2021. Mercury which is also our rational logic do well in this sign of Venus. However, the conjunction with Rahu may create doubts and fears in your mind during this time. As mercury is directly related to our mind, Rahu creates confusion thus making us directionless and unable to make wiser decisions. Also, during this long visit to sign of luxury, Mercury will be closely conjunct with Sun on 10th June when the world will witness a solar eclipse. This conjunction with Sun on eclipse day makes mercury more vulnerable with presence of Rahu alongside. You should remain extra aware during this time frame if you have major planets in taurus or natal mercury is not good. Also, we should remember that solar eclipse has deeper influence on the civilization no matter it is visible in your country or not. In simple words, it always leaves an impact on our lives.

The phase of retrograde mercury can be even tougher as it leads to mis-communication, mis-conceptions and mis-understandings too. As mercury will move retrograde to 2nd house of family which is Taurus, there-might be some issues with family-members due to mis-communication. It is also the house of our deepest beliefs and mercury is rational logic. Therefore, believing things without a rational attitude and solid logic can lead to mis-conceptions. There meetings might get twisted a little or they can be rescheduled later. The best remedy is to work out a plan and not get swayed by the illusion of Rahu.



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